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This seems somewhat odd for me to be posting on a women's health forum (as I am a guy), but I have a question. My girlfriend and I had sex several times at the end of December. Her period started on January 2nd, but only last one day (normal, red bleeding). Very little bleeding on the 3rd, and basically non-existant on the 4th. Shortly after, if not right after, she began having a light brown discharge, like spotting. This went on for several days and recently stopped. During the discharge, she found she had a yeast infection, and she also suffers from endometriosis. About 5 days ago, she took a home test and it was negative. She is going to be taking another home test tomorrow, but I wanted to know everyones opinions on her chances of being pregnant? She is 18, and I am 19. We used condoms for protection each time. Most of the time I even pulled out with the condom on, and me being a freak about it, even checked for holes afterwards. Any helpful advice would be welcomed. Thank you!



Also another note, she has no other noticeable symptoms of pregnancy, other than increased urination (which could be a number of things, but it is not a recent thing). Thank you again!