Hi everyone,

I did not have my menstruation last month. This sounds normal because I was really expecting a pregnancy. The bad news is that I got some reddish-brown discharge for two days (and an abdominal pain for a few days). I did a home pregnancy test when the reddish-brown discharge stopped and my menstruation did not start. Happy me: the First test was positive :-) I did another test two days after and happy me again, it showed positive.

Yesterday at my surprise, I started bleeding, and It is really like the menstruation (I mean the blood is really red and heavy). So today, I did another pregnancy test and it showed NEGATIVE :'( I repeated the test to avoid any eventual false negative, but I still got a NEGATIVE.

Is it possible that I experienced a miscarriage last month when I got the reddish-brown discharge? If so how could I have two POSITIVE pregnancy test ? If I was really pregnant, I was 2weeks pregnant at the time I had the discharge. How should the level of HCG be at that time and now?

Thank you for your assistance.