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First of all, I'm sixteen and I've never had sex. But like every other guy, I masturbate. But there seems to be some kind of white bumps beneath the glans. For some reason, there are 2 on the left side and 2 on the right. Can someone help me on this?


They are harmless, you shouldn’t worry about them and you shouldn’t think they appeared due to masturbation.

I have them as well. Do they look like tiny white dots or pin heads? They appear on the corona of the glans. I first had just few but then some more showed up.

They don’t cause any trouble, they are not transmittable or anything-just look at them as your normal skin variant-like moles for example.

They are called pearly penile papules and it is not known what causes them. They could be removed but I wouldn’t recommend it as it may be painful and unpleasant later on and yet you may grow some more. Just accept them and you will be fine.