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i've got a tiny little bump at the back of my scotum for about at least half a year and has'nt changes in size or shape at all, should i worry? i've see my doctor a while ago for 2 small bumps near the base of my penis but on my scrotum which he said i should not worry about... i've now got another one in the same place... which is very slowly changing in size but i'm not realy worried about this as much as the one at the back.
i've also got these tiny bumps at the tip of my penis on my foreskin, in small rows... how can i get rid of these (they also bee checked by the doctor)
i'm 16 years old.
i'd be please with some advice :-)


If the doc who examined you had a look at the bump you are worried about and said it is nothing to worry about, then there probably isn’t. this bump is probably just an anatomical bump often found on the epididymis, a tube that lies on top and at the back of the testicles.

The tiny bumps on the head of the penis are also harmless. They are called pearly penile papules and it is not known what causes them. They usually appear in rows and are pink or skin colored. They don’t need to be removed as they won’t be passed onto anyone else nor will they cause any trouble. There are ways to remove them but it is unnecessary trouble with possible side effects. It is always done by a specialist ina procedure called cryotherapy.