I have been dealing with nausea for a very long time, I think probably 6 yrs. I have been to the doctors multiple times and seems all test results come back normal, many doctors have tried to figure out the source but nothing. It's not because of what I eat, the nausea hits me randomly everyday so far. I have been taking Zofran for a while now and seems to be the only that works, it controls it only for one day, so I've been very dependent on that medication. I'm tired of feeling this way, I've tried all medication prescribed to me but no treatment, just only controlling the symptoms but not for too long it will always starts the next day. I need help, if everything is normal, what can cause this? And no I'm not pregnant, I have to explain that every time I go to the doctors.  Honestly tired of being asked, ever since I was 12 I had to explain that I'm not, for god sake I was a kid and yes a virgin. What other things should the doctors look into? What else can I ask for the treatment I need?  I really help... I'm very tired of feeling this way :(