I have been suffering from some kind of a stomach spasm when I eat for the past 11 years. It always occurs when I eat, as I am eating my stomach starts to cramp up, I get gas and severe nausea and intense pain so much that I am doubled over. When it's bad I feel like the only thing I can do to try to relieve the pain is running in place or moving around. It's impossible to sit still when the spasm is happening. I have been to all kinds of doctors and have had full gi work up several times- tests always came back clear. Years ago the doctor thought it was a gallbladder issue so I had it removed but the problem persisted. At that time it was diagnosed as an anxiety problem but no medication helped. I've had periods of relief but it always comes back and the attacks are so bad they have left me terrified of eating, traveling, being away from home. These spasms send me to the hospital where the only thing that will stop it is lots of pain medication- morphine and dilaudid. Over the years I've used marijuana to help me have an appetite and also ease the cramping and spasms but it's become something that I'm dependent on and it's not a realistic solution for me because I can't travel with pot and it's socially frowned upon anyway and I don't want to be a chronic drug user. Also as my tolerance for pot goes up, it doesn't help my appetite or symptoms anymore. I have no idea what is happening to me and how to make it stop. I have lost so much weight I am emaciated and can't continue to live like this but doctors cannot figure out what's wrong.