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40 minutes running. (sometimes broken up into 20 minute in morning, 20 minutes at night)
40 minute muscle toning exercises

And If I feel like a change, I'll do
40 minute Cardio dvd and a 20 minute run.
40 minute Cardio dvd and 40 minute muscle toning exercises


400 calories for breakfast
100 snack
300 calories for lunch
100 snack
300 calories for dinner

= 1200 calories all up.

I also drink 1.5 litres of water throughout the day and work most days.

I'm 18, 5'1, 59 kgs and I want to lose 10kgs, get fit and toned in 10-12 weeks.

Is that possible through what I am doing? Can you suggest anything else or see anything I should change?
All comments and opinions are welcome.

Thank you.


Hey! I like your plan! You sound quite determined! It sounds perfect plan to me, I would only drink more water, at least two liters per day. Two years ago I lost 13 kg thanks to UN diet in less than two moths, but I wasn't exercising at all. That wasn't the smartest way to lose weight :-) I never knew how to calculate the exact calorie intake, how do you calculate it?
Good luck! :-D


:) Thanks April!

I look at the nutritional value at the back of food packaging, and if the energy is only displayed in kilojoules (kj) I divide it by 4.17 which then equals the calorie value.

If I'm eating something like fruit that has no energy value displayed, I usually look it up ***edited by moderator*** web addresses not allowed


Hi! Yes, I know that you can look at the nutritional value at the back of food packaging but that's quite complicated for me :-D to calculate all day long. :-D Guess I'm too lazy.
Have you started following your plan? How's it going so far? :-)


Hi guys,..
Weight loss has to be done effectively without damaging the body. Many people opt for other unhealthy ways like dieting, crash diets, diet pills etc, to lose weight, when a healthy diet and good exercise can produce efficient weight loss without any side effects.
Here are a few tips to losing weight through the food pyramid:
Lean Meats
Avoid Foods Rich in Fat and Sugar
Dairy Products
For Athletes,..
i hope this will helpful one,..