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Hi, My name is Rebecca. I am 17 years old, I had started gaining weight when I was about 11 years old. It took me almost 3 to 4 years to gain this weight. Ever since I was 15, I have tried everything to lose weight, but I always get side tracked. I am FAT but I do not feel FAT. I am a member of Curves Gym For Women, and have been since September 2010. I was 274 average when I started, and now 260 average, that is horrible. My mother says my problem is the fact that I don't eat but when I am actually hungry, which causes me to gain MORE weight. I don't like to eat alot because it makes me feel MORE fat, & to clarify something, I did not get fat by eating, I actually never ate.. I was just lazy, and sat on my ass so much when my mother transfered me to homeschool. If anyone can please answer these questions for me, and even give me more advice. It's just, I know this is stupid.. With every one saying the world is ending in 2012, I feel like I don't have enough time to become skinnier & actually be able to enjoy my body. So, I want to lose weight as fast as possible. :-(

1) I understand you are suppose to eat about 5 small meals a day, but what good healthy things are good to eat?

2) What good weight loss pills or gimicks actually work that are cheap?

3) What small activities should I do daily to be active when not working out at the Gym?

4) Are there specific ways to lose a double chin? (I have a neck, but I have this little pooch when I lay down or something, It becomes a double chin)

5) Are there ways to boost self-esteem?

Your help is well appreaciated. Any advice is well needed.

Thank you,
Rebecca C.


Hi Rebecca,

I'm not an expert at anything but I'll give you my thoughts on your post, which I found really moving because a lot of people are in the same position as you are. It's great that you're opening up and wanting to make changes to improve your situation.

First, stop worrying about the world ending in 2012 :-) Those rumors crop up all the time. It hasn't happened yet and it's not going to happen now.

If you have health coverage it would be really good for you to talk with a nutritionist. This person could help you understand the basics of a healthy diet and work with you to plan meals, balance your nutritional intake, etc. A nutritionist could also make sure that your body is processing food properly to eliminate any health issues that would be causing you to gain weight.

1) Not everyone has to eat 5 small meals a day. It think generally the reason it's suggested is that it helps your body regulate the calories better instead of loading it with food then starving it for a long period of time which can actually make your metabolism slow down if your body thinks it's starving. Things like raw fruits, vegetables, whole grain carbs - these are some good things to eat. Try to avoid the obvious fatty/sugary things like junk food, fast food, and regular soda. If your metabolism isn't high then I think an egg is a great snack (or part of a snack) as it has protein and will help you feel full. Increasing how much water you drink can also help and is always beneficial to your body and skin :-D If you were looking for a specific suggestion of something healthier to eat, here's an idea:

Breakfast of low-sugar cereal with low fat milk and a fruit (maybe a banana cut up and put in the bowl) with coffee or tea and a small glass of juice. Lunch of soup (not cream of anything but a healthier vegetable soup, tomato, or chicken broth) with a sandwich (lean meats like turkey, a slice of cheese, tomato, or tuna without mayo). Dinner of grilled (not fried) chicken with a salad (no fatty dressing) and a small amount of pasta or a small potato. The idea's not to deprive your body of food or cut out fats but to gear it towards healthier choices. Vegetables (especially raw) are wonderful to snack on, a couple of fruits a day would add some great nutrition to your diet. I like to keep things ready to munch on so when I get hungry I can reach for them instead of junk like chips or cookies. Celery sticks, washed grapes, apple slices, hard boiled eggs, sliced grilled chicken, cups of chicken broth - I always have these items stocked!

2) I really can't advise you on this one. I think it would be better to focus on nutrition and exercise to make changes that you can keep in your lifestyle. A quick gimmick won't last and could make you gain weight afterward.

3) Simply - just MOVE. Move as much as you can, even if it's starting small like walking down the block and back, and see if you can increase it each day. If you're "lazy" or depressed it can be tough just to get up and move but simple things like walking up and down stairs will make a difference and it'll get easier the more you do it. Try making a goal that each day you'll walk somewhere, even if it's across the parking lot, then build on it as your body gets used to it. Try to do it during the day in the sun too, as this will help your overall mood. If you've been indoors a lot and depressed then you're possibly lacking in Vitamin D (which you can get from the sun). Try to spend time outside each day if it's nice weather.

4) If you lose weight then your body's fat will go down which will reduce the double chin.

5) I think you're on the right path by asking for help and being clear about your goals. Talking with people helps, so if you have someone that is supportive let him or her know how you're feeling and ask if they'll support you in trying to make changes. Consider talking with a therapist if you're down and feel like you can't get out of your rut. If you improve your diet and exercise more (again, even if it's just walking to start) you'll begin to feel better and might lose some weight too. Get out of the house and spend some time outside to change your scenery. Try to make a plan about what you want to do with your food and exercise and focus on just accomplishing your goals for that day. Once you get into a pattern it will be easier and I think you'll be proud of yourself for making those changes.


parkaratkin wrote:

Hi Rebecca
Whatever JenC has told you is I think good and if you are following it , it will definitely help you.

Hi parkaratkin,

Just wanted to say "thanks" :D

I think that a lot of people who post questions don't follow up, but I'm never sure which ones are important so I try to answer as best I can.

I appreciate the kind words.