British company named Transneuronix created a matchbox-sized device which can be implanted into the abdomen with linked electrodes in the stomach wall. This device is made to fools the brain by obese people and let them thinking they are satiate. This will people with obesity issue to eat lesser and lose weight without constant starvation or gastro-surgery.
Most of experts think that this could be a new tool to fight the obesity problem world-wide. However, this device is only a tool which will be combined with a healthy diet and physical activities.

How does it work?
The device works by triggering the nerves in the stomach that are involved in digestion. These tell the brain that the stomach is full so the individual feels as though they have already eaten even though they have not.

Similar devices are present on the market already, and also some clinics use them for some of their patients.

The Transneuronix experts explained to their patients that this kind of surgery is not a cure for the chronic disease of morbid obesity, but this device can be an effective tool to fight the disease.

Dr David Haslam, chairman of the National Obesity Forum, said the technology could be a new tool in the armory for fighting obesity.
However, this tool will show probably good results but it will not create miracles. You have still to do all the hard work with it!
Currently the obesity aftermaths increase the mortality rates in USA and UK rapidly and it’s the final moment to do some radical changes in peoples’ nutrition and daily workout.