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I had laparoscopic surgery two weeks ago, and got gastric pacemaker implanted. I thought it is the best way to get rid of my chronic obesity, although this method is somewhat new. But now I have several questions about post operative period.

Can anyone tell me will I be able to perform everyday tasks like i did before?

Also, are there any serious complications of this procedure?

Thank you all.



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Hello, Mary.

Beside obesity, gastric pacemakers are used in treating chronic gastroparesis and diabetes, too.

Scientists developed this device because they wanted to ensure that patients can live normal life after treatment. Although there is possibility of some risks from procedure which include infections, abdominal pain, difficult swallowing or bruising/bleeding, the huge amount of people have found their relief after getting gastric pacemaker.

A relative of mine undergo laparoscopic surgery some time ago and now he's playing soccer with us without any problems. He lives healthy life following his diet, exercising, walking in nature, playing with his kids, driving car,... 

Of course, you must be careful and you must consult your doctor before trying some risky stuff, but i think you don't any reason to fear.

Live healthy & cheers!