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Hello everyone,

I am in that phase of my life, when some of my “friends” just make fun of me because I have a lot of weight. They are good while I am in the room with them, but as soon as I walk away, they start talking how fat I am and how I can’t do anything about this. It really hurts. I know that I don’t have many friends, but they could be a considerate while I am still near them.

So, when they were discussed my weight, I heard that one of those girls ( who is super thin and pretty) was saying that I should use thyrin weight loss drug, because it can help me get rid of my morbid obesity.

I didn’t know that I was so fat in their minds, and that is one thing that hurts the most.

Never mind, can you tell me can thyrin weight loss drug help for morbid obesity? 


Hey there,

You didn’t tell how many pounds do you have? Sometimes, that is the only way that we can help you about this issue.

I am not sure what should I tell you about this subject, but I do know one thing – you need to consult your doctor, because as you already know morbid obesity can lead to a lot of different health problems.

For example, there is my friend Enna. She was overweight and she was using thyrin drug and it was not so successful in her case.

That is why you need to consult some medical person.

Good luck! 



Hello there,

When you mentioned this, I have one really fresh experience with thyrin. In my company, we had some lecture by some ignorant representative about this drug. He was telling us how that this is the best diet supplement we could ever try. He was so boring, I must admit. I almost fell asleep. But, one of his sentences I remember so clearly. He told us that this is the magic pill that can help everyone. One girl told him that she was using this for two years, but she was not satisfied with it. He told her “Well, you are really obesity, when you just mentioned this. You just can use it lady, first try to lose some pounds, and thyrin will help you lose the rest”.

Did I mentioned that he was ignorant? :)