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Approximately 2 years ago my now 9 year old nephew was referred to a neurologist following onset of a multitude of inexplicable symptoms.

At the time, the main concern was that he had lost the ability to speak, stammering and stuttering profoundly before uttering even the simplest of words, violently blinking his eyes in frustration, flapping his arms, stamping his feet etc

At the same time, he was losing the ability to use his right hand – he was right-handed, but suddenly holding a pen or a spoon /fork, a cup became impossible. Although the stammer was a gradual deterioration of his ability to speak, the lack of function of his hand appeared to come on out of the blue.

His symptoms have now progressed so much that now he has completely lost the ability to eat/drink, almost as though he has forgotten how to swallow. He has no control over his tongue, teeth or jaw – he has to hold it up and physically move it to help him eat. He is now having to be fed via his stomach to keep his weight stable.

Now thinking back, he has had problems throughout his life with his co-ordination (tripping/falling a lot) drooling when speaking, eating, twisting his fingers etc. But these were put down to him being a boisterous young boy, very active and always in a hurry.
Despite numerous CT scans, lumbar puncture tests, neural examinations, referrals for speech therapy and consultations with specialists and not to mention a cocktail of pills and potions (including dopamine and treatments for Parkinsons-type diseases) there remains no positive diagnosis of the “condition”.

The family have lots of theories, ranging from links to him being given the MMR, genetic disorders and even a possible link to him having had ALL of his milk teeth taken out at once as a young child, under general anaesthetic.
Do any of the symptoms described sound familiar? Any comments relating to thoughts as to what this condition might be, its’ cause, its’ treatment would be gratefully received.

Thank you.


Hi there, it sounds like he could have some sort of motor disorder such as MMR, but I don't think that it has anything to do with him having his teeth removed. Does anyone else have any ideas? I'd like to hear!


Hi KC35,

My 2.5 year old son has been exhibiting some of the symptoms you described in your nephew. It happened very suddenly 2 months ago and has been getting gradually worse. He stutters (which is getting worse and now included rocking, blinking, jaw clenching, and slurred speech), drools uncontrollably, gets unexplained fevers every few weeks. He is visibly frustrated, eating little, is talking less and less each day, and asking for help. He seems to be regressing developmentally.

This started a few weeks after several local anaesthetics and a general anaesthtic where his broken arm was set.

We have been seeing a naturopathic doctor and a speech pathologist to try to figure out what is happening. So far we have had no luck and no improvement. I am scared for my boy.

Can anyone shed any light or offer any suggestions?



It is possible that he could be dealing with autism or OCD as well, which are a couple things you might wan tto suggest to the doctor. Can you tell us how he is doing? I woul dlike an update if you have one.