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im so confused and need advice like ASAP. im having like back of jaw pain, kinda like wisdom teeth? i know i have two growing on top but the pain is on the bottom and im also having some ear pain with it. i dont know if its my wisdom teeth or what. the pain is bare able its just annoying. HELP


It could be from your wisdom teeth.  Your facial nerves run in several directions so if you have something aggravating a nerve in one part of your face, pain may appear elsewhere where the nerve runs.  Are you having clicking in your jaw?  Another thing to consider is TMJ (temporomandibular joint) syndrome.  It can cause pain in your jaw, clicking with movement, and ear pain.  You can take some Tylenol for it and a visit to your dentist can be made so he/she can give you jaw exercises to perform to help TMJ syndrome.  I hope this helps!

Has anyone else had symptoms like this?