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I have Impacted Wisdom teeth on both sides of my lower jaw.
Over the last 4 weeks I have been experiencing some pain and discomfort.
Presure, sore gums and tongue, ear ach and a tightness in my jaw and neck area aswell as facial spasams.
I have been to several dentists, had several x-rays and have been told that the wisdom teeth dont seem to be causing me the problems I am suffering.
He suggested that I have stiff muscles and pain due to anxiety.
The dentist suggested that I monitor the pain and discomfort and come back to him in 4 weeks for another consultation. To be honest I dont theink I can put up with the discomfort much longer.
Should I insist that the tooth be removed?
Has anyone els had simular symptoms and what did you do about it.
I really need some advise as i think im losing my mind over this.


Hi Samantha, it sounds to me like you might have TMJ instead, because that sounds a lot like symptoms that I suffer from. Had they checked you for TMJ at all?


Hello - Thank you for your reply.

The x-ray showed no visable signs of discomfort the dentist did suggest that the pain may have been caused TMJ.

The symptoms started about a year ago, i would get a painful shock in my lower jaw while drinking wine, this would only happen after the first mouth full, the pain would last for about 1 to 2 minutes and then I would be fine.

The following morning however my gums would be a little inflamed and i thought it was just tooth ache.

This time round the pain has not gone away and the symtoms are more severe.

Im thinking that the pain may be caused my Saliva Gland Stones?


Hi Miss Samantha, if you had an impacted tooth any where in your mouth, you would certainly know it. About 4 weeks ago i had one and the pain was horrendous. Before the dentist could even pull it he had to put me on a round of antibiotics.
We don't need our wisdom teeth at all and i had all 4 of mine removed when i was in high school. Mine had not even erupted so it was my choice, i didn't care either way.
Now, i also am a TMJ sufferer which is a direct result from a car accident i had when i was a teenager. Do you recall any trauma to your facial area? Does your jaw click when you chew? Does your mouth feel like it's going to stick open when you yawn?

As far as the anxiety thing is concerned, this could be true as well. I am in the middle of a bad situation with my husband which was brough to my attention roughly a week and a half ago. Since that Monday i find that i clench my teeth a lot and i don't realize that i am doing it. This has resulted in the side of my tongue being awfully sore, pressure in jaw, headach, and plenty of irritability. I must clench them while i'm sleeping as well because many mornings i wake up and my mouth feels like i have been gnashing on a bag of rocks.
If everything else has been ruled out, you may want to discuss the anxiety thing. Your dentist could/may if you suggest it, fit you with an appliance that stops you from gritting your teeth and smashing them against each other.
Do you feel anxious? Are you internalizing something?
Stress and anxiety can do the most weirdest things to our physical as well as our mental state, things we never knew could happen to us just because we are worried or anxious. So, talk to him about it and see what he suggests. Maybe a little anti anxiety therapy would make you feel better. Dentists have a problem with pulling teeth that are causing no concern, you may insist if that's what you think is the problem.

In the meantime, try some hot compresses and Advil. Advil is a muscle relaxer/anti inflammatory and the hot compress will help loosen thing up. You can even do a facial massage yourself. Just put some hypo allergenic face creme on your hands and massage the sides of your face. This really helps as i do it all the time.


Hi bbfeet9

I have two impacted wisdom teeth in my lower jaw - the left one is the one that has been giving me problems on and off for a year. I had my upper wisdom removed last year.
I have been on antibiotics for 3 weeks, and the pain has dulled but the irritation is still there, and i have been taking diasepam to relax my facial muscles and to help me sleep at night.

I dont seem to have any problems with my jaw, it dosnt click at all, and there is no pain while chewing or yawning. The only pain I have experienced is the electric shock feeling i get occasionally when drinking wine (only the first mouthfull) I have found other people with this problem on this site and several suggestions have been an irritated Parotid Gland.

My concern is if its not the tooth causing the problem, then what could it be?

The dentist is reluctant to take the tooth out because of it's position on the nerve.
I just feel like im stuck in the middle and not sure where to go.

Thanks for your feedback i will give the facial massage a go tonight.


Hm, yeah, it sounds pretty much to me like you don't have TMJ. Virtually none of your symptoms match like I thought they did. Now I would say that it is plausible that the wisdom tooth would cause you an issue, but it's hard to say...keep us posted on how you're doing, okay? I'd like to hear how this turns out.


my name is carmela i have a lower left wisdom tooth that is impacted. im haveing pain in my jaw and also in my neck area by my gland on my left side. is this pain in my neck caused by my tooth or is it something else. can someone help im very scared. when i take ibuprofen it goes away.