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I am a boy, and I have been masturbating since I was 14; now I am 29. I considere myself an over-masturbator because I used to masturbate everyday and sometimes multiple times a day. Since last 15 days my penis has become weak and lost its hardness due to lots of masturation. It is not getting erected naturally.I controlled masturbuting since then.

When I used to woke up and during sleep but now I am not getting erection.My penis does not stand hard . I am also very worried about my life.

I think due to over masturation I have an extremely loose and saggy 'ball bag'. I don’t know how else to describe it. It is getting to be a real problem for me.  Can someone suggest how to regain the hardness and eraction. is there any serious problem in future? My weight is 65 kgs and height 5.4ft.I donot have any physical problem in past /Present.

Please advise



Hi Rajiv,

It's unlikely to be from masturbation.

All guys can have problems getting hard on occasion.  Are you tired, stressed, not feeling well, or anxious about anything?  It can be a self-fulfilling problem too.  You think you won't get hard, or get nervous about getting hard, and you don't.


It's also normal for your scrotum to hang lower as you get older.

Get some rest, eat healthy, and get some exercise.  If you feel good about yourself you should regain your firm erections.

Hope it helps.



Too much masturbation makes penis weaker , soft or no erections. I would say quit masturbation for 8 months and you will recover but after that masturbate only once a month to be healthy . sometimes if you have no erection it is result of stress depression but you masturbate too much .I would also say taken your mind away from masturbation and exercise more like go jogging if you have time, play sports. Try to take less stress in life.