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My girl friend and I recently became sexual active. Between december 28th and january 16th we've had sex 11 times. Each time we used protection, check condoms for leaks afterwards (ran water through it) and none were broken. Shes a virgin, and had no bleeding during sex (genetics we believe, her mom didnt either). She was supposed to start her period between the 14th and 17th of january. I'm becoming extremely worried that she is pregnant. The only change i've noticed with her that her excretions have become a bit pastier during sex. I'm not sure what the likeliness of her being pregnant is, we took all the precautions. Any recommendations on a corse of action?


Wait a little and relax.

That seems to be a lot of sex in a short period of time.

She may not be regular on her periods at this time.

Take it easy, don't put pressure on her.

But you could try an EPT test if you are not sure.

By the way, good job on using the condoms EVERY time. And checking them for leaks? That seems a bit overboard, but good for you.

Most likely she is NOT pregnant by you.