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My boyfriend of 3 years and I had sex for the first time last friday (January 28). It was my first time, and I'm 15.
We didn't use protection - i know, very stupid of us - but hear me out.
I'm totally freaking out.
I'm expecting my period in 3 days.
He pulled out 10 seconds before he came on my stomach/chest.
I checked in at the local clinic today with my boyfriend because we were scared that the precum had gotten me pregnant.
The results were negative, but it was only 3 days after, it takes a week to actually find out if I am pregnant.
But the doctor said that after 48 hours within my period, my egg disengrates - the fertilized one - but he wasn't entirely sure.
Is that true or not?
Please don't reply saying I'm too young to have sex.
I'm aware of that. We've been dating for three years.
I was ready.
Totally my decision.
But please reply?!


If your question is: could i be pregnant...the answer is yes.
Theoretically you can get pregnant of pre-cum. Please visit
you gynecologist again and test again. Lets hope so that you
got away this time but next time please be smart and use protection.

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