Hi there . I have been taking the birth control Marvelon 28 for about 5 months now . I just got done taking my trade school course so there has been alot of stress lately . Me and my boyfriend of 3 years don't do it very much anymore , it seems I've lost my labido since the stress came along :-P But when we do we don't use condoms because they always seem to hurt me no matter how much lube we use , but he never cums inside of me . I've been really tired though for the whole time I've been at school because of the Herbal Magic diet I've been on , the pills have some caffeinne in them, making it hard for me to sleep... I've lost quite a bit of weight and I don't feel sick at all . But a half a week ago (I'm at the start of the third week of the pill) my breasts started to get sore and I found a lump and shrugged it off as a stress lump . Now my breasts (mostly just the left one, my right one is sore but not nearly as much) just feel swollen and I alternate between wearing and not wearing a bra because the break from the bra seems to help the pain . It's mostly the lower portion of my breast that hurts . I'm terrified to take a pregnancy tesst just because I'm scared it will be positive. My boyfriend is telling my it's just stress. Many times I've had things like this happen that have made me think "Oh god I'm pregnant!" and I turn out not to be . I'm really scared , even though I don't think I have any reason to be. Anyone have any thoughts on this ?