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It's been a while.. But i need help again.

I've been using an application on my phone to track my girlfriend's periods every month for the last year.. We have sex regularly and protected, however this past month we were stupid and tried unprotected sex (FOR A FEW SECONDS ONLY), I know it was dumb, but we both wanted to see what it was like without a condom. I think it was about 4-7 days before her expected ovulation (according to the app). her ovulation was expected around the 26th of February.

Unfortunately, we've been fighting a lot the last few weeks because I decided to break it off with her on the 28th. She's been under enormous stress because of this, and ever since we started fighting she's had a lot of odd symptoms.

She gets sick and throws up whenever she tries to eat. Only when she eats something. And she has started getting sleepier a little bit earlier than normal.. 11pm instead of 12am-2am.

Since we have not been talking openly much lately, I don't know if she has been having PMS symptoms or anything, but a few days ago when we decided to meet up to talk, i casually asked if her breasts were tender when we hugged and she said no.

Can PMS disappear from month to month? Her period is supposed to come this weekend.

Please help.. I am stressing out a lot and she already has enough stress to worry about.


Well, even if her breasts were tender or if she had any PMS symptoms I really doubt that she is in the mood to talk to you about them - that is her privacy now. Besides, if the unprotected sex lasted only for a few seconds and you didn't came inside her, there really are no chances that she is pregnant - that she probably figured out on her own, I hope.