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Are you considering becoming a single mother by choice (or are you just curious about the topic)? This article tackles the insemination methods at your disposal — and explores why some people choose this option.

Single mothers by choice are women who consciously choose to pursue motherhood solo. Are you currently toying with the idea of becoming a single mother by choice, or are you simply curious about how it's done? Here, we'll tackle the options. 

Why Would You Want To Become A Single Mother By Choice?

Why would anyone become a single mother by choice? That's a question that would pop into many people's minds. Single motherhood has a reputation for being hard and — though arguably less than ever before — it is still stigmatized. Before anyone could even try to answer that question, another thing to ask is why anyone becomes a parent. 

Here, we've got answers. At a basic level, they are pretty simple too:

  • People want to raise a child.
  • Babies are cute.
  • People experience the unexplainable desire to reproduce — it's part of our DNA. (OK, OK, I am not sure how scientific that last part actually is, but it is certainly part of the human survival instinct.)
  • People who already have kids may find that they really enjoy parenthood and also that they would like to offer their child a sibling or several.
  • For people who are sexually active, pregnancy can simply happen — sometimes because birth control fails and sometimes because they weren't using any.
  • Members of a couple want to share their love by having a child or children together.

Yeah, that's a bit of an oversimplification, but it probably sums the reasons why people become parents up pretty well. I had a baby because I felt the unexplainable urge to reproduce, and because babies are cute. Then, I had a second baby because I enjoyed raising a child and would like to do more of that. Also, I really wanted my daughter to have a sibling. From the options on the list, there are only two that don't apply to single mothers by choice: the last two. Though single mothers by choice may be sexually active, the "choice" bit generally refers to a planned path to motherhood. As single women, single mothers by choice (SMCs for short) aren't part of a couple so the final option isn't one that refers to their situation.

Simply said, single mothers by choice are people just like everyone else who wants a child, but they consciously choose to walk the road of motherhood alone, without a partner.

Why go it alone? There are two main reasons. Some SMCs originally hoped to find a partner and parent together with someone else, and others simply prefer doing it alone. That's the simple part, really. Now, how do you become a single mother by choice? If you're currently contemplating this choice, you may find that that is the hard part. If you are hoping to become pregnant and give birth to your baby, there are many ways to achieve that.

If you are hoping to become a mother through adoption, you'll likewise find there are numerous options: fostering to adopt, domestic adoption, and international adoption. Note that not all adoption options will be open to single women. Some countries will only allow married couples to adopt, while many have age limits that may affect you. Because SteadyHealth is a health-related website, this piece will focus on conceiving with donor sperm. You will find an overview of the different options on the next page.

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