Hiii friends I am 23 years old boy. 9 month I had semen analysis after I found 80 million sperm 70% motility morophology 60% normal. But after analysis I was drinking whiskey 1/4& more time 60 ml tillu also. Week in more than 2-3 time I had. Dirnk as well like only 2 month after I stopped. Now I m drinking only 1-2 beer in weeks .but teenage in I was masterbuting that's why I have premature ejaculation. But I went to see the doctor.and doctor gave me medicine. After taking this medicine my ejaculation time is increase but after yesterday I went for semen analaysis & I masterbuted but my semen come only 3-4 drops. when before I m not taking this usually I m ejaculating normally 10 ml.so friends tell me does alcohol reason for low sperm count because 4 month ago I stopped. Please help me soon..I m in stress