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I have got this lump on my eyelid that is kind of painful. It appeared there about a month ago and seems to be quite inflamed. Do any of you have any pictures of lumps on eyelids so that I could compare it to my own lump and perhaps determine what it is? I would be very grateful for your help!


Painful lump on your eye lid doesn’t sound like something you should be trying to resolve on your own. Since you are asking on this forum I believe that you don’t want to see a doctor and paying one more bill but in this case maybe it is necessary to check with the doctor what is in question. Usually any type of bumps around eyes passes on their own. If you think it is infected and swollen the only thing you can do is to put some warm compress on it to try to put the swelling down.

Since it has been a month from the moment you have notices this bump and it is still there I think that it would be the best to consult with the doctor.