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Please help me out! I really need to know about this lump on the bottom of my eyelid that has been bothering me immensely. When I look closer it just looks like a piece of surplus skin, that has formed itself into a little ball. It isn't painful but does look weird. Will I need to get this surgically removed?


Hello there


Lumps on the eyelid can be harmless and pass on its own but sometimes they can complicate your life.

Usually these lumps are stys and they are consequence of obstruction of oil glands. As I have mentioned they usually pass on their own. Sometimes stys get bigger and then they are called chalazions. These lumps can increase in size over the days and sometimes they can get red, painful and warm.

If your vision is affected in any way than you need to consult your doctor as soon as possible. Rarely chalazions need to be surgically removed but sometimes they overgrow and this is the only solution.

Hopefully yours lump is going to pass on its own and since you don’t experience any pain and other uncomfortable symptoms I believe that you will be fine.