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About 6 months ago It started by my left eyelid getting so heavy it would literally shut itself and I couldn’t re-open it without pressing the eye and forcing the eyelid to move,
This was painful, The eyeball itself acted like it was locked and I couldn’t move it either, But I was able to re-open it after doing this,

Then it progressed up to such things as laying in bed, It felt just like someone poured something vary bad in my eye, I jumped up with the eye killing me, paining so bad and the tears rolling, I ran to the washroom and tried rinsing the eye over and over, Didn’t seem to help any, I just had to ride it thru.

Then the redness stared setting in followed by swelling in small spots of my eyelid, More like on the ends of the eyelash follicles, started with just one, on one side of the top eye lid, That would come and go for a few weeks, then it moved to the opposite side of the top eyelash on another eyelash, Then I started getting anywhere from 3 to 6 whiteheads appear on (mostly) the inside of my bottom eyelid, My vision became affected, My headacks worsened, My temples on both sides killed me,

From the very beginning every time the eye would act up the very back of my head would kill me, (just up from the back of the neck, there is two bones like protruding, side by side) that’s what hurts like hell, closes I can describe the pain is like Migraine , only thing is I’d rather have one of them then this pain, I thought migraines was a killer, this was 10 times worse if you can imaging,

Anyways the swelling progressed over the entire top eyelid, mind you the eyelid itself never hurt, Just could hardly see outta the eye some days it was so bad.

What was strange is every now and again it stopped, no swelling, no pimples or whiteheads,, everything except the eyes locking up at night time around 10 o;clock would go away sometimes for days, I’d start to think its all better, then whammo back it was, when I woke up,

I finally went to the doctors, of course it turned out to be a good eye day, and the Doctor said there was nothing wrong with the eye,

Several weeks went by again, The eye was just killing me, seemed no breaks this round,
I called the doctors again and demanded I see him that day, So he could see just what I was enduring. Doctor said I had an infection in the eyelid, he went on to say this was common yrs ago with people who had wood burning stoves, The dust and particles cause reactions, (I never said anything, but we do have wood heat as our main source) anyways he gave me some cream to put in my eye, and told me to do warm soaks, It seemed to work after about 2 weeks all was gone but this small ball just over the second eyelid that swelled, So I went back to the doctors and he told me it was a blocked tear duct and that it would probably clear itself up, He told me to go home and continue to put warm heat on it everyday and to massage it lightly, So I went home and did about 7 warm soaks per day and lightly massaged it, Well geeze it blew up bigger then ever, only this time it really stated paining, Well I thought maybe its one of those things (gotta get worse before it gets better) I continued for about three days, which at that point I had to stop, I think I lost my eye somewhere in all that swelling.
So I stopped the warn compresses and the massages, The eye went back to normal except for the small ball over the top of the eyelash.

I thought maybe if I just left it alone it would go away on its own,

But it hasn’t its back again almost as bad as before just No whiteheads or pimples YET.

Just for a note I do have food intolerances, Wheat, potatoes, beef, eggs, to name a few.
And I have wondered about Makeup, But I stopped using most all of that, Sometimes I think I notice a difference and sometimes not, If It was a food, makeup or wood intolerance/allergy would any of this make sence?

If anyone has any foresight into this I would greatly appreciate any and all help.

As I type this My left eye lid is all swollen, red and painful, the head pains have been killing me for 3 days steady now. And I generally don’t feel good all over now.

Ibuprofen helps make the head pain tolerable, But I really hate having to continue to take pills for something that shouldn’t be.

Foresight into this anyone??



Hey man. I would like to include myself in this discussion because I want to be updated if there are any answers that could resolve this issue that seems to be bothering me too. My right eye is so itchy at the time and I can't tell what is causing my issue to appear all the time. Puffy eyelid may be caused by various types of allergies but I can't tell what is causing my allergy to appear so I would like to know before I visit my doctor. If anyone has solution, it would be very much appreciated. Best regards



By chance have you found a solution to your problems my 3 year old suffers from the same symptoms and I've been told he would grow out of it but it hasn't cleared