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Hi there, I write for a glossy, intelligent and informed women's health magazine. I'm looking for stories from women aged between 25 and 50 who've experienced botched cosmetic surgery, from breast-lifts to tummy tucks to lipo. If you want to warn women of the dangers of cosmetic surgery, or just vent your spleen, here's your chance. Please contact me at ***edited by administrator*** ***posting email or web addresses is not allowed***. UK ladies only please (sorry USA ladies!)


Back in early in late 1990 I went to have my lower eyelids tattoo. The lady at this southern california Spa told asked me why don't I get my upper eyelids tattoo. I told her I cannot because of the extra crease located on the inner part of my eyelids is at an angle which wouldn't look good if I tattooed my upper eyelids. I never even look into plastic surgery for this. This lady is asian and told me that plastic surgeons can remove it. She was the spa owner and she called her sister to drop in to the spa that day. The spa owner is single eyelid, but her sister had the obvious over done eyelids that doesn't look right on asians. I told her I like my eyes and she said, okay, but you can get the extra crease remove. She sent me to her sister's plastic surgeon by the name of Dr. N. C. out in Long Beach, Ca. Dr. N.C.told me he cannot do it. So I went to 8 other surgeons. I picked one out in Santa Ana, CA. This doctor was very conservative as I told asked him to be. I told him I am afraid of scars. The surgery went okay, but I was left with uneven inner eyelid creases. But fortunately, I didn't have any scars from this surgery . I had an extra super thin hairline scar blended with my skin color hidden under my natural eye lid creases. My makeup artist couldn't even see the scar until I pointed it out and she still had a hard time of seeing it. This is what I expected from my revision surgery.
In spring of 1992 at age of 27, I wanted to get the uneven inner eyelid creases fix, so I went and shop for surgeons. This time, I thought using only doctors that are expert of the eyes, I should be in good hands. Little did I know what was going to happen to me. I saw a huge one page ad in the L. A. Times every weekend and this doctor advertised how great his skills are. This doctor is out in Newport Beach, CA. I went to him for initial consultation and told him what I wanted done. Little did I know that he didn't write anything done. Had he done so, maybe he wouldn't have did his own kind of experimental eyelid surgery on me without my consent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He truly has no morals or ethics. After my eyelid surgery, I was shocked to see that I was stitched up all over the place. He made many incisions outside of my eyelid creases. I had so much ugly scars all over the place. I have indentations, needle markings, scars all over the top part of my face. He stitched me up with my eyebrows and onto part of my forehead. It is hard for me to described my mutilated face unless you see it for yourself and feel sorry for me!!!!!!!!!!. He also made cuts between my eyebrow and eyelid creases. I have zig zag stitch markings all over the place. My eye lid creases are bumpy and lump. I was left with over 3 super huge stitch markings along with other small ones all over the place. He stitched me up extremely tight pulling all stitching to the side of each of my eyes and some where pulled to the sides of my forehead. (u will need to see my face to see what I mean by that) causing me to have the super pucker eyelid creases and eyebrow look.. My eyes make me look like i am at least in my 90's . He also did some kind of facial surgery on my forehead leaving me with smaller stitch markings and needle markings all over my forehead. This is done without my consent!!!!!!!!!!! : - (. My eyes are of different shape and sizes. My right eyebrow is 1/2" lower than my left eyebrow. This happen in his attempt to fix a super deep incision he made outside of my right eyelid crease. He pulled too much skin down to patch things up.. People may wonder why would he do that??? This doctor used my face to practice facial surgery. I was only 27 when he mutilated my face. Back then, he wasn't doing any type of facial surgeries, but recently I went on his website only to realize he offers facial surgery now!!!!! He is an eye doctor and not a certified plastic surgeon. I kept silent about what he did to me, but finally decided to tell my story in April 2009, so others can beware of doctors like this do exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder how many people are quiet about their extreme botched plastic surgeries????? I think many people are too ashamed and/or embarrassed to talk about it???????? This doctor never fixed the problem I paid him to do. He used my face to do his own kind of experimental surgeries without my consent. My face look 1000x worst than before I went to him.


I read your ordeal with plastic sugery to your eyes. The doctor was so bad that if amazes me how he could even suggest that he could do the procedure you wanted.

I hope you have seen a competent doctor to help you with your eyes.

I also, wanted to have my lower lids done just to freshen up my appearance. The doctor I went to said it would look stupid unless I did the upper eyelids, too. So stupid me, I put all my trust in him, which I shouldn't have, and went ahead with the procedure.

Like you, it turned out bad. It looks so unnatural and it is so embarrassing having to walk around with such obvious scars. I usually wear dark glasses to hide all the scars because I can't handle people looking at me.

I am much older than you so I can handle it a little better than I would it I were as young as you. Hopefully, you can get it looking better so you can enjoy your life.

Take care,