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Hi ive recently started feeling pain in my stomach and ass, and around the right thigh. Ive had a lump on my testicles for 4+ years and also lots of little white bumps which i understand are pretty normal.

The problem is im worried the bigger lump is something to worry about. The pain is only recent and im not even sure in fact if my testicles are sore. The other areas seem sorer than the actual balls but the lump is still worrying me.

Ive recently been on a 4 1/2 day drinking binge- and think my lower stomach pain might be ue to this, as well as constepation as ive felt pain in these areas before after heavy drinking. I have recently taken up golf and tennis (possible muscle tear in right thigh/hip?)

Any help/ similar symptoms would be appreciated.



Has this been screened for testicular cancer?
If not, get to the doctor. You should get an ultrasound. Little bumps are normal, big bump is not. I recently was diagnosed with Stage 1 Seminoma, had surgery and luckily am now fine (no spread).
You say you have had it for 4 years which is a very long time for TC, so it most likely could be a calcification or something. Get it checked though, dude. It will be worth it.



i used to work in a cancer center and a lump on the testical - not the sac - is a classic symptom of TC. TC is also one of the biggest cancers to strike young men. The key with all cancers is to catch them early, and while TC is a very treatable and very curable disease, waiting 4 years is a big gamble. A good piece of advice - feel both of them and look for symmetry between the two testicles. Anytime you feel a lump on one and not the other, its a good sign there could be something to investigate further. --- Go get it checked out.