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ive been having a problem with my penis fully erecting for about a week now.. It first started when me and my girl was getting ready to have sex and my penis went tottaly limp, it wouldn't get hard.. then one morning my penis wasnt fully erect as it usually be.. this has been going on for about a week now and my girl thinks im not attracted to her.. please help me ive done quit smoking and drinking because i feel hat could be the problem... i sometimes feel pain in my penis.. sometimes my oenis erect then soften real quick. i dont know wats going on but i know im too young for viagra so please help me out..


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hey there gest
how old are you and when did you start puberty??
I think that you condition has to do with your mentality. sex is about 90%mental. is you worry are nervous about sex or other things then you not going to get an erection or if you do it wont be as full and strong.

can you get an erection through masturbation or visual stimuli? can you ejaculate ok?

thanks 8)