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All right, if I were to list you all the things I'm feeling right now, it'd take forever, so to save you some reading time, here it is shot by shot.

- I did drugs, which leads to the below symptoms. Weed, mushrooms, lsd, just narcotics and hallucinogens.
- Have stopped said drugs
- Smoking weed set off panic attacks which were getting progressively worse, the last one (January 15th) lasted for TWO WEEKS straight. I couldn't sleep, and I was literally having panic attacks about 18 or more hours a day, scared to death that I was going to die, when doctors kept saying "There's nothing wrong, it's just stress, here's more pills, pound 'em"
- I've been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, which got worse when I smoked, and still gets worse when I'm even around smoke (cigarette or weed).
- I'm on anti psychotics because of above diagnosis, but haven't been taking them because my anxiety keeps me scared to death of these pills
- I have panic attack syndrome that comes and goes for a LOT longer than the average panic attack (10 minutes), usually they last 8 hours or more and then I'm panic-ing more mildly for about a week or two afterwards, which causes more panic attacks in a vicious cycle.
- Twitchyness, which has never happened to me before, also randomly tensing muscles.
- Developing agoraphobia, blowing off friends, which I've also never done before, I'm usually really outgoing but now I'm afraid of leaving my bedroom (even the rest of my house I don't like staying in too long).
- Disassociation with the world, I'm losing my hand-eye coordination KINDA (I can still do things like put a triangle through a triangle hole, write a letter, type on this keyboard... I'm just really clumsy lately), sometimes I forget how to talk (really scares me, like, I forget English for a few seconds), feeling out-of-body, my pain threshold has shot up because I don't really feel pain as much as I used to, and I sometimes forget things I really should remember.

Now, this is the part that's scaring me most:

- Lately, I've been getting a HUGE pressure in back of my head, exactly where my spine meets my head, just below/exactly between my ears, inside that space at the back of your head.
- The pressure comes and goes, seemingly randomly. People have told me it's anything from a migraine (no light/sound sensitivity or headaches, though) to the symptoms of a brain tumour (?!).
- When I get the pressure, sometimes it feels like there's liquid coming out of my ears (like, dripping out) but when I feel my ears, they're bone dry.

All these symptoms seem connected, mainly the pressure with the disassocation. When the pressure hits the back of my neck, I get all the clumnsyness, forgetfulness, my eyes start to feel sore, I start to shake, feel cold even under a blanket...

my doctors are still telling me there's nothing wrong. I'm going to a local hospital for a halter monitor test on April 2nd to make sure there's nothing wrong with my heart, he's worried about the nonstop panic attacks causing arhythmia or something. Other than that, I'm on anti psychotics, I'm going in for a blood test to see if there's anything wrong with my kidneys... can anyone help me? I can't find anything that all these symptoms match up to.


hey, was reading around the forum, found a topic that described to a letter the psychological problems I've been having here. Still need help with the weird pressure/loss of basic functions thing though, and any advice on how to cope with this pot-induced anxiety would be really greatly appreciated. :?