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I'm a regular smoker, I have always smoked im 17 years i been smoking since i was like 15 and lately i been doing more often than before but last 5 times i;ve smoked days after i smoke i still feel numb and like shaky it's weird but it goes away after about 4 days. However I had a "panic attack" once by myself after getting too high i feel like my heart was going too pop out of my body it was really scary I thought it was the end of my life i thought i would die i went to the hospital the next day but yet they found nothing wrong with me. I just want to know why i feel so numb and tingly after smoking my weed. I buy from different friends so it's not like its laced or anything.


I am 20 years of age to this day and throughout my weed smoking days I have learned that weed does very complicated and special things to our brain. It seems to bring out or amplify everything that has an effect on our state of mind. Such as certain drugs like cough syurps, pain killers, antipsychotics, ...ect but other factors may effect your state of mind before smoking weed and greatly influence the high from weed such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, schizophrenia, and other psychological conditions