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Hi Last night i experienced the worst trip of my life, although i am never touching weed again i was wondering if my panic attacks will occur when drinking etc. It was the most scariest moment of my life, i felt like i was going to die and it was only off one hit from a bong, a avery big hit. it soon hit me and i didnt know where is was and what i had been doing. i had discomfort in my ears and heared noises which were to unbearable to my ears. i was then uncontrollably shaking and could hear and feel my heart beat and felt like my blood was 10 times thicker. i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if so shall i seek medical advice!

thanks x


Yes I've experienced the same thing. I've smoked weed on and off for many years and didn't have this experience until the last year. On a couple of occasions my heart has started racing and I'm suddenly unbearably aware of all my senses.
I know what you mean about your blood feeling thicker. Everything feels pressurized. In becoming so sensorilly aware, you can start to imagine that your tongue is swelling.
On these occasions I've become intolerant of noise and have had to ask my friends to stop talking. When they tried to figure what was wrong with me I was unable to tell them, I was just holding my head and trying to control my breathing which had become fast and heavy.
It's a horrible experience akin to a panic attack. You just have to ride it out and know that it will pass in a few minutes.
These same symptoms won't re-occur when drinking alcohol. It's specifically a hazard of smoking too much weed or taking too strong a hit for your own tolerance level.
Try not to let it worry you. I've found when smoking weed since then that the fear of it re-occuring can sometimes be enough to trigger some of the symptoms.

It may be a positive thing if it has made you determined not to smoke weed again. You'll be doing your lungs, brain cells and bank account a big favour :-)