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Hello. I have never been completely healthy. This maybe sounds funny but it is truth. Whole my life I’ve been anemic with lack of red blood cells and iron in my blood.
Because of my poor weights I don’t have really strong body immune system and that’s why I get ill few times per year.
I used several medicaments based on blood-Fe and many medicaments for gaining weight.
None of them helped. I started to loose hope.
Then, I heard of some new types of products called Mannatech and was wondering why are they so different.
I would like to get more informations about these medications.


Yes, these medications that are involved with name Mannatech are new in market. I have never used this medications but I had chance to find out a little more about this.
Mannatech created the Optimal Health System to provide you with the nutrients you need every day to maintain your own individual level.
Creators of Mannatech had an idea to increase communication between cells. Cells communicate between them with glycoproteins.
By directly increasing the intake of carbohydrates needed to create glycoprotein “words” quickly and accurately, cell-to-cell communication might be enhanced.
Mannatech’s most famous product- Ambrotose is glyconutrient blend of specific, plant-derived carbohydrates containing saccharides necessary for cellular communication.
So, you have nothing to loose. Try it and than get back with results!
Good luck