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Hello my online friends! I am suffering from MS and my situation is deteriorating. I did stay in check for quite a while and I am very grateful for that but now things are really going down hill for me. The doctors say they can't really do a lot about the progressing situation of the illness anymore. I was wondering if I could find some homeopathic remedies as a last resort? Tips welcome!


Hello to you too. Before I proceed I have a disclaimer. I live in Hollland and what I am writing and suggesting is totally legal here. I have heard that marihuana is very good for battling MS, especially in the later stages. You can perhaps get it on prescription in some countries, though here, you can just buy it.


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The cure to MS is possible if new Suppressor T cells specific to Myelin basic protein are generated. The solution is Oral Tolerance (O.T.). O.T. has some succes & failures - O.T. lacks a blood factor & that factor when induced by Homeopathy achieves the Cure.

Full Details below:

Research has shown that Mulitple Sclerosis is caused by high antibodies
Immunoglobin G ( IgG) to Brain Myelin &is an autoimmune disease.

Amplifiers have contols - move it one direction makes sound louder & the opposite i- less sound. The immune system has its controls - blood cells called Helper T cells produce more antibodies while the Suppressor T cells do the opposite - LOWER production.

Is there a mechanism that reaches the Suppressor T cells & effect lowering of antibodies? Yes, that mechanism is called Oral Tolerance - the term researchers have given to this type of treatment.

There is research using Oral Tolerance with various autoimmune diseases including Diabetes, Arthritis, uveitis, Multiple sclerosis ,Alzheimer's disease and autoimmune ear disease.

You can find this in the internet by doing a search on and place Oral Tolerance in the search button.

A number of medical research trials have been done in this area since the 1970s, however, the results on humans have not brought success.
For success, research by Dr. Polly Matzinger proves that T cells need 2 stimulus to
fully activate. The 1st stimulus is by administering the Protein/Antigen.

We use a protein having similar antigenic determinants as Myelin Basic protein and is a Vaccine. This 1st stimulus puts the T cells in a state of anergy (No Activity). But, without the 2nd stimulus, the T cell eventually dies.

However, if this cell gets the 2nd stimulus or signal, it divides & proliferates - new Suppressor cells are generated and will neutralize the high antibody production which goes down and will bring the cure.

1. Oral Tolerance is safe.
Dr. Howard Weiner, Researcher & M.D. has done trials on thousands & thousands of humans with Oral Tolerance formulas since the 1970s. He is the expert and has served as consultant in many experiments using the O.T. mechanism.
He states O. T. is safe.
See article on this at:
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2. Homeopathic medicines are also safe - they are sold all over the world
as over-the-counter drugs.

Research has shown that some blood components can be produced using various inducers.
For Example:
1. Interleukin 2 production is increased by Goji berry juice.
2. Tumor necrosis factor - production enhanced by lithium treatment.
3. Interferon - this factor works against virus infections( flu & colds) and even stimulates lymphocytes to attack tumors. Production enhanced by ginseng, astragalus root, shiitaki mushroom, licorice & others.
4. Interferon is also produced by a new and purely homeopathic formula - Engystol made by a German company.

This 2nd signal is called CD80 or a chemical that resembles this molecule. HOmeopathy can produce CD80.
You can find more info about CD80 by searching the internet using the words Second signal , CD80 & T cell.
The cure is possible by combining the 1st signal - Vaccine and homeopathic formula together.

This is the first time that Modern Medicine (allopathy) is combined with Alternative
med - homeopathy to heal & cure.

In future more Treatment & healing for other human diseases will result from this union.

Questions? Comments?

Contact me.

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This is for Cymbri,

My sister has MS and one of my friends is loosing his hearing. I am a homeopath. Is there any way to reach you Cymbri so I can talk with you?