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I have got my xray done and the findings was :Mediastinal hymph-adenopathy. Also the radiologist recommended a CECT chest.

I got Contrast enhanced computed tomography of thorax done, whose report says

"All mediastinal vascular structures are well opacified. There is evidence of multiple abnormal rounded soft tissue density areas-most probably representing moderate to mild enlarged nodes- seen in right lower para-tracheal, pre-carinal, pre-vascular and sub carinal regions.
Trachea is central and main bronchi appears unremarkable.
At lung window setting, two tiny nodules are seen in upper lobe on the left side lateral to hilium. Broncho vascular architecture elsewhere on either sides appears unremarkable.
Pleural spaces on either side are clear
CT Findings are those of superior mediastinal adenopathy and two tiny nodules in left upper lobe, chronic infective nature. No evidence of pleural effusion detected."

Also i got my CT PNS done, as an ENT found a tilt in the Nose, whose findings were:

"2 mm thin serial sections were obtained through the region of interest in coronal plane.
The Nasal septum is moderately deviated to the right side.
On right side the inferior turbinate appears moderately hypertrophied. The OMC is partially obliterated by mucosal thickenning. The middle turbinate shows evidence of a large concha bullosa. Maxillary antrum shows minimal mucosal thikenning along the floor.
Ethmoid air cells appear clear. Visualised sphenoid and frontal sinuses appear clear
CT Findings are those of DNS, bilateral conchae bullosae and sinonasal inflammatory disease."

My physician is suspecting Sarcoidosis, hence he asked me to get PFT(Lung Function Test) and even Quantiferon Gold Test for TB both of them are normal.

I feel some pain in my joints, feverish, fatigue and have high Pulse rate(110/m), BP is normal, CBC findings are normal.
I am expecting SACE Blood report today.

What is the probability of me having Sarcoidosis?
Are they suggesting Lymphoma?

Please Suggest.


Hi there, it sounds more to me like you are being analyzed for sarcoidosis, but it doesn't sound like they're suggesting anything. I think that you should see how things go with your blood report and talk to your doctor about the results. Let me know how it goes, okay?


My SACE reports 112, which is almost double the normal.

I also got my EUS guided FNAC of Subcarinal Nodes, for which report says:
Smears sent as EUS- FNA from mediastinal lymphnode show scant cellular material in 6 of the 16 smears. Epithelioid cell granulomas and lymphoid tissue is seen. No necrosis is identified. ZN stain shows no AFB. Features are those of granulomatous lymphadenitis.
NEG: No evidence of cancer in specimen

Shal i go ahead with the treatment of sarcoidosis or get some more test done.