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Hello all,
I have a pacing issue I still havent quite resolved. I planned on initially running my marathon at a 9 min/mile pace but I got faster during my training.

Training info:
* Ran the LA Marathon in 4:28. Could have done around 4:00 but had really tired legs - ran 23 miler only 1 week before because I had 5 weeks to train for LA (dont ask)
* Ran the LA Marathon (Mar 3) so I only had 9 weeks of training for PV.
* Planned pace for PV was 3:55 (9 min/mile pace) - very hilly course
* Was able to get in long runs of: 19, 20, 21, 21
* two week taper
* Knee soreness in mid training in week 4 of 10 (either ITBS or tendonitis). From week 5 to marathon replace all Mon, Weds, and Fri runs with crosstraining. I ran all the other days of the week (mostly on treadmill - long run outside).

Key runs during training:
* week 4 of 10 ran 10k in 46:02. I held back in the race since I had to do a 20 miler the next day (marathon equivalent of 3:30)
* week 6 of 10 ran 21 miles in 3:02
* week 7 of 10 ran 15 miles in 1:58 (in racing flats)

I feel that if I had a flat course, good weather, and no food/bathroom issues during race I could run a 3:35 (far from my initial goal of 3:55). I am guessing that I should be a little conservation and split it down the middle and go for a 3:45 - the PV course is hilly.

What do you think?


Stay with your 3:55 goal, enjoy the race, be happy if you cut that much off your PR, run relaxed, and race again another day!

Seriously... You'll be much happier if you achieve that goal than if you set out for something lower and find you've gone out too fast. You risk cramping, not finishing, injury, etc.

Run the first half at 3:55 pace. If you feel great, pick it up and maybe cut 10 - 20 seconds a mile and make some bonus time!

Plan slow... Overachieve!