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Hi. i really hope you can help me. Im 18 years old and for the past 9 years i have in and out the hospital with the doctors telling me i have 'bladder infection'. it never goes away. i have permanent back pain and every one says its my kidneys because of the bladder infection. a year ago i ended up with a doctor saying its not my kidneys that gives that horible pain in my back but my pelvic. but he never did anything about it. just send me home with a bag of pills for the pain. its like no one cares, or thinks that im over reacting. recently im experiencing strange symptoms and i remember the doctor telling me its my pelvic. so i started to google pelvic pain and discovered that all my symptoms leads to pelvic cancer. so i told my mother but shes not doing anything about it. as if, once again, im over reacting.
My symptoms:
*Low back pain
*Unusual and very painfull menstuation
*Permanet headache
*Always nausea
*Abnormal vaginal bleeding
*Heavy vaginal discharge (smelly, thick and kinda red)
*"Pelvic pain" ranging from dull ache to sharp pains that can last hours, sometimes mild sometime servere.
*Alwas pain during urination (this has been going on for 9 years) its bladder pain and vaginal pain when urinating
*Bleeding kinda heavy inbetween my monthly periods and then sometimes skipping 3 months.
*I get frequent ovarian cysts that needs to be removed
*lubmness and pain in legs (espessialy right leg).
*Im always sleepy and dizzy. I faint alot.
*very low blood presure.
*Feeling sad, depressed and lonley.
If anyone can maybe help me. ill be very greatfull. Thanx


I get the same problem i was dianosed with PID  Diease last year i had also gotten multiple bladder infections like you were stating in your article the dr has me on therapy and medication it can be permanent yes if it is not taken care of or treated prooperly the side effects that is not stated in this article i found is this you are going to have to make a choice in which to keep your cervix or remove it because of the scaring their is damage the only person that can decide is you but have a talk with yyour gyn or your dr.

This can also prevent pregnancy and also to keep a pregnancy if the diease is not treated it also causes miscarriages as well. It also cause the body to change hormones and it will also cause more infections that can spread threw out the body if not treated it is not cancer it is a sever diease  that can cause you to be very sick. I am 32 years old when i was pregnant in 2001 and 2003 i had complactions because of this diease i never knew i had the signs really show the last past couple years i thought something was not right so i went to the dr they dianosed me a couple years late but i was told it is PID Diease. If you have this diease it is not wise to wear tampons because it can cause TSS. Toxic shochk sydrome  it is very rare but it can happen to women and girls ages of 12 to 50 this is a deadly sydriom that causes the cervix to swell to the point it can kill.

I have information for you about PiD diease and i would get treatment as soon as you can it is important if you are sexually active . Exspecially if you change partners this infection can spread threw out the cervix. Women from the ages of 12 to 50 can get this diease so be on the aware of it and stay informed. Make appointment and get the dr to run extra test other then a urine get blood work done and etc.


This is a article i found for your question i think it is helpful. Plz read this below find out more:

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