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Literally millions of products and millions of articles promise to reveal the secrets of looking young for women. Is there anything new to be revealed on this topic? We think there is, although we can't claim it is unique.

What is new in women's beauty care? Any "secret" shared on the Internet doesn't stay a secret very long, but here are ten beauty tips we think most women have not heard before.

1. Thinking about getting a face lift? Ask about "Happy Lift" first.

The Happy Lift Revitalizing skin system is actually a surgical procedure, but it is considered "minimally invasive" because it only involves placing a suspension, not even as thick as silicone, in the form of a thread beneath the skin. The procedure itself can cause a little bruising, a little swelling, and a little redness that quickly go away, but the results are just what the patient wants about 90% of the time. There are a few cases in which the skin is elevated to different extents on either side of the wrinkle, but these are easily corrected. Happy Lift is a product of Promoitalia International S.r.l, Naples, Italy.

2. Be especially sure to get your "beauty sleep" if you have sun-damaged skin.

UV rays from the sun damage DNA in the skin. The skin attempts to repair itself by producing massive amounts of the pigment melanin, which leaves sun spots, liver spots, age spots, and blemishes. Where the basal layers of the skin are damaged, excess production of skin cells can make the skin red and rough.

The best defense against sun damaged skin is to wear sun screen when the sun is bright. The second best defense against sun damaged skin is getting enough sleep.

Scientists tell us that it is likely that sleep alone is not enough to overcome all the skin-damaging effects of aging, but it is certainly an essential part of skin restoration. It's just not enough.

3. Sleep on your back, not on your side.

Sleeping on the side or on the tummy causes the skin to sag with gravity. It is not a "statistically significant" effect in scientific studies of skin ptosis (sagging) and sleep position; that is, you are not guaranteed to have sags and bags of skin if you inadvertently shift sleep positions during the night. But in general, skin is under less stress during sleep when you sleep on your back.

4. Sleep on satin pillowcases.

Satin pillows don't tug at your hair. When hair begins to thin, the effects of sleeping on rough pillowcases and rough linens become evident. If you wear a permanent hair prosthesis that you do not remove at night, sleeping on a satin pillowcase is essential to keep it from wearing out.

5. Wear more perfume to lure a younger partner, less to attract an older man.

One of the peculiarities of male physiology is that older men are actually more sensitive, more readily attracted to scent than younger men. If you are wearing a scent, less is more for attracting an older man. However, even though they are not as sensitive to scents, younger men are more likely to respond to perfumes, once they eventually smell them, than older men for making a sexual advance. But that isn't really a surprise is it?

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