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Hello. I'm 20 year old female and I have one problem to discuss with you. You see, about a year ago I have noticed that my breast are not have same size. They are totally uneven.
This wasn’t so noticeable earlier because my breast was small but now, you can't not to notice this.
So, I was thinking about breast implants. I haven’t talk about this with parents because they would kill if they found out anything about this.
What should I do? Did anyone have any experience with these implants and are they expensive?


I don’t know what to say about this but to try to talk you out of this creasy idea. You must understand that no one of us is perfect and that probably there is no single woman with 100% symmetric breasts.
As I see, you are very young and your breasts are still developing and growing. You need to really think about this.
One another thing- these implants are very expensive and I really doubt you could pay them of your pocket money. So you will have to tell your parents all about your attentions.
Your immune system is very strong now because you are in your prime years and there is a big chance your body could fight against these implants so operation could fail.


Hello everyone

I read with empathy the posts relating to breast asymmentry and scoliosis. I am a 35 year old woman and have a degree of scoliosis, something which was never picked up on as a child/teenager even though I had lots of tests done for joint pain etc. It wasn't until I was in my early 20's that a doctor confirmed scoliosis.

When I began puberty my breasts grew at a different rates. I was very conscious of the size difference but really thought that the other one would 'catch up'. The catch up however never happend and so I have a DD cup left breasty and C cup right breasty. Over the years I have tried really hard to 'get over' this difference in size. Whilst I would never have the confidence to go topless on a beach, when I have had new partners I have always made the decision to bare my breasts confidently and with pride in the bedroom. I have never had a negative comment made about my breasts from any of my partners in the past - I think men like breasts so much it wouldn't matter if you had three in a row!

However, I continue to be aware of the asymmetry especially on holiday when swimming, wearing tight tops or vests. All my bras and bikini tops have pads or inserts. But I think it is all too easy to see your smaller (or bigger) booby as the enemy. Particularly as we are constantly bombarded with images of the 'perfect' figure and boobs. I watched a BBC programme recently called 'the Tribe' in which were African women going about their business bare-breasted. Many of these women had asymmetrical boobs and showed no embarrassment - they were just another part of their body used to feed their babies.

I think it is important therefore to try to put the size difference in perspective; afterall we vibrant women are more than just a pair of boobies - aren't we? I tell each of my breasts regularly that I love them and that they are both equally beautiful. If you really feel that surgery is the only option then go for it but do it for yourself and not for the benefit of others (society, your partner).

Best wishes


PS: interestingly, my sister has spine curvature also but does not have a visible difference in breast size.


Mine are uneven as well. Although mine aren't as uneven as some of you have mentioned I plan on getting surgery to correct this as soon as I have my baby. I went to the consult and had an estimate done. Mine will cost a bit more since I have had children and will need a lift but I was quoted $5800.00 This price will change from doctor to doctor and from state to state but this may gove everyone an idea of the price. Id on't see anything wrong in correcting such a problem. I have also had rhinoplasty. Cosmetic Surgery is there to make us happier with ourselves. We all just have to remember not to go overboard.


hi there....i'm 20 and have scoliosis...was surfing around a bit wen i fell upon this page...
the fact of not having symmetric breasts always embarrased me-specially wen i hav to wear tight clothes-however-i've always managed to hide it...
i feel particularly embarassd with my boyfrnd and always trying to avoid his touch..i knw he cares a lot for me but still......
anyway, i thnk that scoliosis can cause this assymetry-i just read it on some web site....


I am 28 years old and have three children. My breast are extremely uneven. One side is a B cup and the other a D cup. My breast have always been uneven but got worse with each baby I had. I had my oldest when I was only 20. I have been wanting to have surgery for years but have waited until after I had my children. I have never been able to wear nice tops or bathers, everyone wonders why I never go swimming!! I just want to feel normal and sexy and go swimming with my children. I am getting surgery when I stop feeding my youngest who is 9 months. I know I won't be having any more children so I feel the time is right for me. I have been waiting a long time!!! It is very expensive and I am nervous but anyone who has severe uneven breasts will understand why I am doing it.


Hi. I'm 17 and I have assymetrical breasts. My left side is a D and my right side is a B. I have difficulty every since i was 17. I stuff the one side of my bra but it never looks the same. I tend to wear sweaters. My boyfriend doesnt even know. We have sex in the dark and I dont let him feel them at the same time or often at all. No one knows except my mom and my doctor. I already had my left side reduced but it grew back to the same size.

The doctor says I have POLAND'S SYDROME. Which means my right side of my chest is slighty caved in. This causes the muscle in my right boob to be smaller meaning it didn't develope as big. When i heard this i cried. I cant go swimming or wear tight tops. Layering clothing makes them look more even or wearing thicker fabrics. I would suggest silicone "breast fillets" to put in your bra and fit yor bigger breast. This helps alot.

One time I went shopping at H&M (clothing store) i was so depressed. They have 3 mirrors which lets you see how everyone else sees you not your direct reflection. I saw that both my boobs were different size clearly. I guess it was because i was so use to just seeing my reflection that sometimes you dont notice as well. But this was before I covered them up.

Anyways I am going through another sugery slightly diff so they dont grow back. It has been emotionally painful but before the size grew back i felt wonderful. It funny how some girls will take something so small for granted... the same size breasts. Good Luck. Do what your only comfortable with. 8-|


I have been searching so long to find other people in the same position as me.

I'm 17 and live in London [UK]. My breasts have been uneven ever since they started to develop when I was 9. My left breast remained an AA. My right breast continued to grow, and is now an E.

When I was 14 I went to see my doctor to find out if there was some medical reasoning behind this, but she wasn't particularly useful - just referred me to a local hospital.

I was then under observation for 2yrs where they established that - no, I'm not mad, the left breast really isn't growing (I like the way I was told, "Well, you're not imagining things." ;-) )

A week before my 16th birthday they placed an inflatable Becker prosthesis in my left breast - this was done on the NHS so I've been lucky not to have to worry about money.

I've since developed capsular contraction, which for the month of September this year left me in a lot of pain and drained my energy. They gave me a box of Tramadol and now the pain is rare (thankfully).

On Jan 19th (I got my letter today!), they will be removing the Becker implant and placing a teardrop silicone implant under the muscle.

I don't know what I would have done without the operation. I was so self-conscious with the padding as I had to use two large 'chicken fillets' in the left cup, and I went to an all-girls school at the time where changing and whatnot is done very openly.

After my first op I had a lot of pain in the morning; if I lied flat on my back it took my 20mins to get up on my own, it hurt so much. I had to sleep upright and my mum had to help me up cos I was too scared of the pain to move on my own. However, this pain diminished very quickly - I stayed in overnight after the op, but after 3days at home I was fine. Ocassionally sore, but fine.

Soz this is long, but I've never found a group of people who might understand :-)


Wow, I know it sounds horrible in a misery-loves-company way, but I feel so comforted to know that so many other people are like me. I always thought my asymmetry made me some freak of nature.

I'm 23 years old and all through junior high, high school, and college, I dealt with the embarrassment and discomfort that came from having severe asymmetry. My left was a D, my right a B. Three years ago, while still in college, I finally decided (after realizing that herbal breast enhancers and electric "growth stimulating" boob cups were not going to cut it) to meet with a plastic surgeon. He looked me over and said that I had several options. I could have a reduction to the larger side, I could have an implant put in the smaller side, or I could have a reduction to the larger side and then implants placed in both so that I could keep the D I had always projected to the outward world by wearing those horribly uncomfortable silicone bra inserts.

I didn't want to go down in size on my left, so option A was out. My surgeon was against option B, because no matter what, a breast with an implant is never going to look the same as a breast without, and since my goal was to look more symmetrical, that seemed like a pointless surgery. I agreed. So option C: A reduction to the left and double implants.

Well, that was three years ago. I was so scared of having the surgery, plus all the other things that factored in, like money (I was still a broke college kid), finding time to schedule a surgery and recovery among classes, sorority events, etc... that I kept finding reasons to put it off.

Well, three years later, I decided I wasn't putting it off anymore. After all these years of the embarrassment, never being able to find a bra that fits right, constantly pulling at the smaller side because it was riding up after being tugged by the larger side... I was ready to bite the bullet and get it over with.

After lots of chats with my doctor and the surgical consultant (very friendly and helpful, she herself having gotten implants years ago), I set my date for the surgery. December 22nd, 2006.

Well, that was last Friday. I was scared to death all the way to the surgical center, as I got hooked up to the IV (I hate needles!), as my doc came in to draw lines on my chest, and as they wheeled me into the OR and started strapping my arms down.

I woke up and the first sensation I was aware of was PAIN. The next thought in my head after that was "OMG I'm going to hurl." The anesthesia really did a number on me. I went home and spent a couple of days in bed, barely moving (even though they advised me to move as much as I could) thinking "why did I do this to myself?!" I was swollen from my chest all the way down to my stomach, and the meds I was on had their own awful side effects.

But as the pain started to receed and I was able to get up and take my first shower, I got my first look at my new body in my bathroom mirror... and nearly wept with happiness. I thought "THAT'S why I did this!!!" For the first time in my life, my breasts were, even with the surgical tape and swelling and bruising and lumpiness and the fact that they appeared to be sitting right under my chin, NORMAL LOOKING.

I went in for my post op on Tuesday and my doc undid my surgical bra and exclaimed "wow, those are some pretty Christmas boobies!" (Yes, he really said that.) The surgical consultant was in the room with us and literally gasped (having been in for all the previous exams as well), and said "OMG, they look so nice! How does it feel to be symmetrical?" I said "Amazing!"

I'm still healing. I'm off all the meds now (just finished up the anti-biotics this morning!) and while I still have some tightness, espcially when my pecs flex (my implants are behind the muscle), and some residual soreness, I'm feeling pretty good. Not ready to run a marathon or anything, but good. My left side looks a tiny bit bigger than my right still, but it's only noticeable when I look down at them, not in a mirror. I think that because I had more done to that side (a reduction plus the implant) that it's simply swelling a bit more than the right, and my doctor agrees. It also appears that my left nipple is a tiny bit higher than the right, but again, this one is swollen more so it is sitting higher on my chest at the moment. I'm hoping that when it begins to settle, the nipples will even out. If not, my doc says he can fix it in his office. Though after years of having hugely asymmetrical breasts, I think a little bit of imbalance in the placement of the nipples might not be the worst thing in the world.

All in all, my procedure included a lift (on the right side, with nipple placement), reduction to the left (also with nipple placement), and double silicone gel implants. I got 550cc moderate profiles under the muscle. My surgery cost $6900, which I very easily had financed. My first payment ($139.58) is due in January. When I think of $140 a month, it seems much less overwhelming than thinking $6900!

I opted for silicone because I thought they felt much more like real breast tissue than the saline. At the time of my first consult, silicone was still off the market for the general public, but because I fell into the category of "special circumstances" because I was correcting an asymmetry and not just trying to pump up small breasts, I was offered the silicone option. Though when I went in for my pre-op last week, my surgeon was ecstatic to tell me that the FDA had finally, just a couple of weeks ago, put silicone implants back on the market, so that now anyone can get them. That's fantastic!

I'm going back to my doc's office on Thursday to get this tape off, and I think the sutures too (which I'm nervous about, because I haven't asked how exactly that will take place and if there will be pain involved). Then in another six weeks I'll go back for a final post op and my after photos. After that I hopefully won't have to go back for a while, since it's a 2 hour drive to my doc's office and after going five times in three weeks, I'm a bit tired of it.

Anyway, I was researching post-op recovery and ended up following a link on asymmetry here, and was compelled to post. I know the anguish that so many of you are going through, and I now know that it doesn't have to be permenant.

Whatever you decide to do, it needs to be what's right for YOU. Those of you who decide to embrace your body the way it is, good for you! Work it!

Those of you who decide to change yourself, either with a reduction, one implant, or two... good for you! Never let anybody make you feel ashamed for being "vain" or poo-poo what you go through. So many people I know acted like I was a whiny little twit for "making a fuss" over my asymmetrical breasts. They said things like "it's not a big deal, you shouldn't let it bother you" and "plastic surgery is such a painful, expensive thing to do over something so superficial as a difference in breast size, you should be glad you don't have something REALLY wrong with you!" And I'm like "how dare you stand there in front of me with your perfectly proportioned breasts and tell ME what a big deal I'M making!" People who haven't had to experience what we have... well, they get no validated opinion on the subject. They don't know what it's like.

Everyone, do what you have to do to feel the best you can about yourself. No matter what that might be.

Good luck to all of you, and I wish you the happiness and peace that I feel now everytime I look in the mirror at my two "twins", or I put on a bra without having to constantly tug at one side when it keeps riding up, or having to adjust that stupid, uncomfortable gel insert.

God bless!



I am 4 months from a one sided breast reduction to fix my larger droopy left breasts. I went to a very reputable surgeon in Indianapolis, IN and still came out with uneven breasts. She DID fix the droopy nipple problem so now my nipples hit at the same point, but the one breast she reduced became smaller than the one that was smallest in the first place! My only suggestion to anyone who is thinking about having a breast surgey to fix uneven breasts is this: make sure the specific surgeon you are going to is good at fixing uneven breasts. I am generally happy that my one breast does not droop anymore but I am very unhappy that it is now too small! Good luck and do your homework first!
PS: I am 25 and was 24 when I had the surgery.


Hi, I'm a 24 year woman who has been through two plastic surgeries to correct my unevenness and am already thinking about getting a third. The first surgery I got was when I was 16 and in my mind and I'm sure in all of yours, I was terribly self conscious and very concerned about boys reactions to my chest as well as reactions i would get when seen in a bathing suit. I got the surgery done and everything was fine until about two years later when i noticed that the shape of my natural breast had changed and thus the side with the implant did not match. Under the knife I went again at age first year of college..again in my mind it was a forward to age 24...I recently lost about 40 pounds and now my breast are once again completely different from one another and the side with the implant looks visibly fake. It is much higher than my natural breast as the loss of fat in my breasts has caused the natural side to shrink. What have I learned from all of this... I would not discourage those of you who feel totally self conscious from getting the surgery, if you feel you need it to make you feel normal then get was the best thing I could have done...having to put a false breast in my bra everyday and wonder how i would conceal it from boys as well as my friends was the hardest thing i had to deal with as a high school teenager. What I would tell all of you however is to seek out a surgeon experienced in correcting this type of problem and fully realize that there is a better chance than not that you will have to get another surgery in the future...thankfully the first surgery was covered by my insurance but after that i was on my own... While this problem is not the end of the world it does take a toll on a person when they have to be ashamed and fearful of their own reflection in a mirror. As a last suggestion I would tell you to ask your plastic surgeon about getting an implant on both sides rather than maintaining your natural breast on one side... I just feel like had I gotten an implant in both sides I wouldn't be dealing with the problem I have now..they would feel the same and be as high up on my chest as one another. If you have the means do it... the surgery is not that bad..the recovery is quick and you will wind up feeling like a new person.


I too have dealt with with breast unevenness. I was extremely self-conscious about it through high school, but at the same time scared of surgery. At age 21 I finally had an implant put in my left breast....I couldn't be happier. Now 26, my confidence and comfort level is so much higher than it was as a teenager. What once consumed my thoughts, actions, lifestyle, etc. is now a thing of the past. They are not completely symmetrical by any means since the shape of the implant is not the same as a natural breast, but in a bra or a swimsuit, you would never know the difference. I have recently been considering seeing another surgeon, as the implant has dropped, leaving my aereola in a higher position than my natural breast. Other than that, I am completely pleased and will probably be content without any further surgery until the 10 year mark. The recovery really wasn't bad for me, totally worth the result physically, emotionally, and socially. Like others have mentioned, my insurance company did cover a large portion of the cost, thanks to the persistence of my surgeon.


I am only 16 but noticed my uneven breasts at 13. I felt like less of a women. Why would guys be attracted to me? Did other people notice?

I have been seeing my doctor for a while about this issue and she suggested I talk to a plastic surgeon.

After talking to my doctor and the plastic surgeon I decided I wanted surgery to correct it. Mine was bad enough (a c cup on one side and little development at all on the other) that my insurance covered all expensies.

I got an implant 2 weeks ago. I heard it will take a while till they look even (the new side is higher and rounder) but I already feel better about it.

I suggest to all who feel uncomfortable, less of a women, and have a low self esteem like I did, to see their doctor about either implants or reductions.


i was 16 years old when i had my first corrective surgery. insurance pd. i went on and got married and had a daughter and breastfeed her. i did gain weight on the more natural side. (at 16 i was an a on one side and a c on the other) i had a breast lift after i had my daughter and gained weight and lost it. went through a divorce...gained more weight, lost it and by that time, i was "uneven" again, but by that time my implant was 18 years old and the natural breast was sagging again. i just went through double breast lift and implants last week and insurance paid again for one side. if you look for a good plastic surgeon and research your insuance plans, most will pay for cogenital defect. i relate to the insecurity and the "ugliness" one feels. how hard it is to find bathing suits and clothes...even after the implant and having my daughter and the breast lift, when i got remarried and gain weight, i was a "d" and a c. i had to pad again. right now and i am even...more swollen and round on one side than the other. of course the more natural one is the more swollen side and the "faker" of the one is higher, but it looks so much better in clothes. i now do not have to pad. do not let any man out their discourage you of making you persue getting things done for yourself being it surgery or buying clothes or anything in life. if they are not supportive of you they do not love you. my husband never thought i looked bad before surgery and he was every step beside me when i wanted to do it. he said whatever i wanted to do because it was important to me. he took care of me, gave me a bath, got up with my "whimpers" to get me my pain medicine. i have never been so baby'd in my life. i appreciate that. (of course my first husband wouldn't have done that) if someone loves you they will support you on all of your dreams no matter what they are. persue what makes you happy and if anything stands in your way....move what is in your way out of your way and go after what will make you happy. the only reason a man would discourage you not to make yourself feel good about yourself is because they are insecure with themselves and they want you to feel bad about yourself so they won't loose you....but they don't doesn't have anything to do with them at all....i wish you all the best of luck and go after it. i never regret any of my surgeries and i would do it again in a minute.


Mine is the same problem but i never think about any sort of breast implantation. After marriage your breast size will improve. Nothing to worry about.