I had surgery November 21st barely of2012, since the surgery I have  been taking pain pills. Surgery was done on my right knee...due to a torn meniscus and a small  incision for the lateral release...my ligament were tighten.   When i got  out of the hospital i had an immobilizer put on me till   two weeks later that they sent me to therapy. Whew  since then my righ leg has felt very stiff that it is making hard to bend.  I cant bend on my own  unless its   with  help when i go see the therapist  3 times a week. I stil have swelling from  my ankle up to above my knee. I still use a walker to help me maintain stability cause my knee tends to give out. I try to keep it elevated with ice as much as i can.  I try  my best to help myself bend my leg..but feels too tight.

  ANY SUGGESTIONS  out there...anyone going through the same situation.