I recently had surgery on both my knees after years of putting it off. The pain had got so bad and I was working 12hrs a day every day for 14 or more days straight. My mri was a year old and only showed some lateral meniscus tears and so normal wear and tear all that could be taken care of with arthoscopic surgery..... So I reluctenly scheduled surgery because, the pain was to hard for me to handle and my employeer was layin people off left and right and had talked about the possibilty of closing altogether. With the risk of losing my health insurance and having to indure this pain for a long time I figured taking the four weeks I was told it would take for the recovery wasn't a bad trade if I got some relief. I went in for surgery at a wonderful hospital with a good dr and was told I may possible require a lateral release .. After my surgery when I woke up I knew for sure I had made a mistake doing both at the same time I had never in my life had that kind of pain and I had shattered pieces off my knee @ age 14 and had surgery on my left knee and it felt nothing like this. I soon found out my knees where in much worse condition than my previous Mri had shown(my husband asked if anothe one should be done before surgery but, was told no it wouldn't make a difference but, now i know if they would have known they were gonna have to do all the extra I would have had one done @ a time instead of both,) Not only did they have to fix the torn meniscus in both knees and clean up the frayed cartilage and the damage I had due to the the debree floating in my knee they also had to do a lateral release on both and a medial plication. They finally controlled my pain after a hour and a half but, it was intense for what seemed to be forever I couldn't get comfortable and then I had to go to the bathroom my bladder couldn't hold it although I had no ideal howI was gonna make it to the bathroom with two immobilizers on and in sever pain but, my husband and the most wonderful nurse on earth helped me , usually I am a pretty modest person but that day I would have pee'd in front of everyone in the hospital I HAD TO GO BAD!!!!! Anyways to make a long on goin story short my dr told me not to take the immobilizers off or bend my knee for a week I could do quad sets and take them off in bed or when I was resting but, not when walking. I complied had my check up, got physical therapy orders , made my appointment still never being told that I could bend my knee. My first day of therapy was fine just the ususal checking to see where I was at with my progress. I though I was doin good cause I was bending my knee some and was trying to walk more. My next session which was about 4 days later the lady was actin like i was behind she bent my knees back and hurt me so bad I cried and was told I had A low tolerance for pain . two days later she apologized because she didn't know it was only a week and a half out . I have been working so hard to bend and raise nad move my knees but, one of my knees just doesn't feel right at all it is obviously weaker but, it gets really stiff even when I am doin my exercises it never loosens up it feels different than the other one by far and I am so worried that it has scared up and that they will have to go back in and repair it. I have massaged it and worked with it several times a day. I was wondering if anyone has ever had the knee scare up like that after surgery and if it felt like mine and what had to be done about it???????????????? I can't deal with it the way it is its stiff on the right side of my knee cap and when I try to bend it it's like a rubber band that just can't stretch anymore down in there and it is painful.... The sad part is that my right knee was in bad shape but, wasn't all that bothersome to me if i would have known that all that extra had to be done I would have just left it alone and now it's the one that hurts so bad and feels so wrong?? Any input or answers would help ease my mind even if its bad news I just need to know what I am facing... Thanks so much