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My sister's friend was recently thrown out of rehab, and is back at home, supposedly off Meth for 15 days now.
She went into the hot tub and after getting out began to feel extremely sick.
My sister went over her house, and her friend told her to look at her neck, squeezed it and tiny, oddly shaped salt like crystals were coming out of her pores on her neck and back. According to my sister they are coming out of almost everywhere; especially her feet and neck and she says that the little crystals are all over her friends house floors.
She also got a chemical burn from being in the jacuzzi.
The ER doctor said that being in a jacuzzi, the hot water must have caused a chemical reaction with the meth in her body and that she just has to drink water and exercise to get it all out.
I guess the girl also dealt meth, and would cut it up with salt to make more money, rip people off, they think this could also have something to do with it.
I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this and what their experience was?
My sister, who is not on drugs, is really concerned and I'm just trying to find more information so I could help them maybe understand a little more because they said the hospital wasn't at all helpful.
They are also 18 years old so if you could imagine, just pretty scared. Thanks!


that sh*t is happening to me right now. i didnt even get in a hot tub. it just started happening. i havent been able to find anything about it. but its definitly just from meth


Yep. Years after getting saved and clean I have cycst all over my head and one on my face and one on my neck. They drain and then a tiny hard lump forms. I get out of a hot shower and squeeze real hard and lighlty blood smeared crystals come out of my pores. It's all pretty sick! It just takes time for your body to throw out the trash, if you will.


Look People the problem is your doing Meth.,


I think you just need to go to the doctor and get checkrd for ADD.

Be you adult or minor ,Your self medicating .

I think the mind  thinks and  wants order and what you get is Trash.

As you sweat you sweat water and salt .You can Look at a baseball cap after a while and there will be this white substance on it.


The people making the stuff don't know what there doing or they do.,

The meth basicaly has been mixed with salt so the grower or chemist can make more money or your dealer.

What  they are doing cutting the meth with salt .,

Just to make more money ./there is no real  need for salt in meth.

Salt looks like crystal meth when it forms . Not quite but close .

You put large amounts of salt directly into our veins.

Your body can not process that much salt at one time.

 If you get into really hot water or other inviroments that are hot here is what happens.

It dumps larg amounts into salt intoall  yor skin pours

I mean they  really overload salt and  no telling what else

 Decressed liver function and if you Do it to long it cause liver fauiler Liver fauiler  .

Your on the road to self destruction.

Your going to do just That self destruct

If you have any skin abraisonsof any kind  ,Sticker burs, a pimple .

It piles up under the skin sores no matter how small and forms Crystles.

Haredns the sweat glan and  damaging the pour  .

Because the skin can;t dump the salt fast enough.

Whatch OUT if it taste like salt its salt.

IS your dealer working for you.

No he .isn't working for you !!

He is risking his freedom and your life for a few extra buks.

THE cut means more MONEY!!! .

tHEY ARE MAKEINGTHE SRUFF with gunn blue ,brake fdluid. Roach spray and amonia


The earth made Coke, Pot , Opium and  Salt .

I think I could find a more n atural  Drug to do if i were going to do drugs.

Pot  wouild be my first and safest  chiode . Smoking opeium , and then coke .

Every thinig is cut but pot ,

If your going to do any cut street drug.




Or get riddlen or ADD medS from your Doctot.  REAL ANPHETEMINES FROM THE DOCTOR

Sounds saffer to me.


A foolon the hill.






Load of BS about It is because you do meth...I am a pot smoker and nothing else..I am picking some sort of crystals(may it be salt or something else) out of my back daily to the point I carry a back scratcher where ever I go..It is a very uncomfortable feeling..This has been happening for the last few years..Not even a doctor can explain...



I don't do any drugs at all and I get these crystals on my face


I am NOT on drugs. I'm an elementary school teacher. I left an apartment I'd lived in for 10 years because everything - including metal, wood, plastic and rubber began degrading rapidly from 2011 until 2012, when I began to not wake up to alarms any more and awaken with my face and nose swollen, skin turned dark, little scabby things broke out but didn't bleed. My skin became VERY dry, very red and I started losing lots of weight. There was a private toilet in between two classrooms that only teachers used and my urine rusted out the toilet. The paint even came off the walls down to the undergirding by the time I left and the vinyl was coming off the refrigerator. This was all very rapid, but because my daughter had already graduated from college and moved out - no one witnessed. Eventually everything I would wear would begin to get holes in it or rips in the same spots and the white things would turn yellow. Things with dyes would lose their color in obvious spots - like my skin was poison or maybe my body fluids or something. So the clincher....there was white powdery stuff with CRYSTALS popping up on everything. It seemed to come from the floor. I am still not totally recovered and now live in a 2nd floor apartment in the next town, but it does seem that my skin got burned. Also, the worst damage was concentrated where the central air vents could blow "whatever it was " around. The sidewalk outside my apartment, the signposts in front and my car - massive rapid battery damage BETWEEN 3 month maintenance checks. (which I'm still driving) were also affected. Meanwhile, some things have actually continued degrading (things from the old house which I took out to use ) My teeth and the dog and cat' teeth, fur and skin were affected. I will tell you one thing. People will NOT believe you. I have seen these tiny glitter looking things - very tiny. (hexagon shaped upon close inspection) not just in the old apartment, I have noticed them on floors in certain places, and also noticed them on the skin of one my friends from my place of worship, who had been staying a way because a weird rash had popped up on her skin. (Doctors didn't know what it was) When I mentioned the glitter and asked her if she'd put on any lotion or anything with glitter in it, he said no and just mentioned that the other day she had worn a glitter sweater (No shower????) I kind of felt this was denial. The stuff was visibly popping up on her face and neck. the big mystery....I have things which I could take for testing but no longer have thee money, due to medical bills. I am 48. I noticed that my jewelry (silver) was falling apart before I could wear it and that there were chunks missing from our plastic containers in the kitchen way, way before 2011, but always blamed my girls. Slowly more odd things began occurring (holes in random clothing but not in the most pure wool things)....but spring 2011 was when it became apparent that something was wrong,, and then in 2012, that it was something in the apartment or the environment. We should get together on this. I'm curious about where others live that see this. I lived in Plainsboro, NJ. Water exacerbated the situation. In my new apartment I have noticed glitter popping up through the vinyl tablecloth (new) from the table below (oak and brought from the old apartment.


you aint alone, it comes out of my hands for hourse after i shoot up


Yes I've dealing with this. I've also been clean for 15 days today. when will this stop its driving me crazy.


First off, Coke does not come from the earth, and neither does opium. Leaves of Cocoa plants are refined chemically to make Coke. Opium is made the same way from Poppy plants. The only thing that makes you high on the planet that is all natural is Weed. Secondly, it's not impossible to find Meth, Coke or anything else that isn't cut. It's just really difficult to find these days. So before you ramble on incoherently, get your facts straight first!


How about mushrooms and ayahuasca those are also 100% natural


What is this wrong not talking about drugs , just salt from sweat around hairline.,



Mister "Look People": It would be wonderful if you joined the rest of us plebeians in the real world. That pedestal you have hoisted yourself upon appears to be still be going higher! It is not safe at those heights! You really should come down from there before you hurt yourself or others will hurt you.

"Meth is the problem, duh! Also, here is a poor attempt at psychology, followed by some middle school biology factoids I found on the first internet page I saw. While I'm spewing word vomit, SALT!! Do you know what salt is? derrrrr ddeerrrrrrrr The dealer cut the drugs with this 'salt' to make more money and then things happen, and now there is salt leaking threw you skin. You big id**t with your dumb drugs and small attention span. You chose tweak so you are stupid, and I chose pot/salt so I'm the smartest! YAY! One more thing before I fall off this hill, do the safe pill drugs instead, because a doctor said so!"

Really guy? I just have to know, but were you actually attempting to come across as a pompous know it all? I digress, publicly ridiculing your post was only half the reason I decided a response was necessary. You made quite a few mistakes that need immediate correcting. (Side note, you are seriously lacking in the grammar department and your spelling is rusty.)

I want to begin off by stating there is a significant difference between your and you're, grammatically. Thankfully, your very first sentence shows me one of two things 1) You're incredibly lazy OR 2) You're incredibly dim. (Or I guess you could just be some foreign pre-teen and I'm just a giant ass hole. Oh, well.) Then in the next few lines, you doctor it up and diagnosed random people, claiming they all suffer from ADD; your next roll is that of a psychologist, when you were able to help complete strangers see there is only one reason behind every addicts actions; finishing with a drastic character change, leaving you as a phycologist to fill innocent bystanders and wanderers heads with whatever you feel like, because you have paper that says you may.

Holy sh*t, that was only the first four lines to your post. All right, I'm going to have to speed this up a bit. First of all, don't judge others just because they sin differently than you do. Second, if you keep up this attitude of yours, you'll more than likely spend your life alone and later die the same way. Third, if you are going to put yourself out there and challenge what others are saying, you have to do a lot more research than what you did here. I can tell you know next to nothing about the human anatomy and its plethora of functions. On top of that, you have never done drugs and should have never chosen to discuss one of the most well known drugs around the world. That was just in poor taste. 4) When conversing with someone about a topic you are not familiar with, do not begin to bash that topic or belittle the person you're speaking to just because you have conflicting opinions and different life styles. It is completely off-putting and may result in a swift hand meeting your face one day. And last, but not least: seriously kid, just shut the hell up when you don't know what you're talking about. If you really want to be part of the debate, or even just come across smarter than you actually are, you have to do a certain amount of research. That's just how life is.


Me too! It's the weirdest thing I've f ever seen...


I seeing the same kind of things happening expecially the glitter popping up everywhere. I have no clue as to where it is coming from you mentioned an oak table and now I'm curious as to if it is coming from my oak tree that is right outside my window. And you had mentioned water evaporation I have a window unit to cool down my room and the outside evaporates water from the heat I wonder if this could be causing that glitters substance to appear?