I'm Nineteen years old and I've had a herniation in my L5 disc since I was sixteen. I was told it was pushing on a nerve root and it is in fact extremely painful, over the years its gotten to the point where I can't vaccume, bend over, sit down on a chair without a back, or wash my own dishes. Recently I started seeing a new nerologist who found I also have a herniation in my neck which has been causing tingling, numbness, muscle spams, and loss of grips in my hands. I am not physically active, I use to be when I was fourteen or so but after I started having pain and spasms in my legs I stopped being able to walk and I'm at a point now where I can hardly walk at all. He suggested I do a steroid injection in both sites and I'm a bit skeptical. I did a lot of research on it and there are risks that come with the injections, also their effectiveness is dependent on the idividual and I tend to be one of those one out of every thousand cases when it comes to things like reactions and allergies. I just kind of wanted some opinnions on what I should do, whether or not I should go through with the injections. I've been on various pain meds, muscle relaxers, and I even went through physical therapy to no avail. I'm told this is one of my last options to avoid surgery and that I could potentially lose use of my legs. If anyone has any thoughts I'm really scared and would appreciate some advice.