I delivered my 3rd baby in June 2009. Eight wks later I had the bc device Mirena put in. Had spotting and bleeding the whole 8 mo. it was in. (I am breastfeeding also) Went to OB Dr. on Feb 22 2010 and had Mirena took out. Had ALOT of bleeding next day... passed many large clots. Heavy period lasted about 6 days then stopped! No period since. One day in March had a littlebit of spotting on toilet paper... but only when wiped after urinating. April 21, 2010, went to Family Dr. and she did a urine test for possible UTI and did a urine PT for me. She said I had a very bad urinary tract infection and that the PT was negative. She said if I didn't have a period by end of May to go to OB. My Q's. are, "Can a UTI affect the results of a PT?" or "Is the Mirena and the UTI just causing my period to be off and late?" I'd appriciate any helpful info! :-) Thanks!