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My last period was sep 12th, my cycle is usually 34 days max. Around the 12th of oct i had spotting for a few days ( one spot on pad each day) now the spotting has stopped all together. Ive taken 3 tests around the time i was spotting all negative. Ive had clear, watery discharge almost everyday now. Should i take another test, now that the spotting has completely stopped? Am i pregnant?? I already have 4 children, ive never had this problem, very confused!


Hi Mummy,

Yes, retest.  Be sure to use only your first morning urine, your wake up pee, for the best accuracy.

If this test is negative, then it is time to see your doctor to find out what is going on.  Home tests are "unreliable" and only really accurate when they indicate "pregnant."

Good luck.