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I conceived on September 28th, which was my ovulation day. I immediately started having symptoms such as cramping, being moody, very tired, and feeling diferent movements in my stomach. I took a hpt on October 8th (didnt use first morning urine) and I got a faint line. I took another test of the same brand 5 days later (still didnt use first morning urine) and I got a negative. Am I still pregnant?


Hi guest,

A couple of things.

You need to wait at least 2, preferably 3 weeks before taking a home pregnancy test.  You waited 10 days.  It takes some time for hCG, the hormone that indicates pregnancy, to rise high enough to be detected.  

At 15 days, the test might be accurate.

There is a reason to use your first morning urine.  It's more concentrated, that is per volume of urine there is more hCG in it than at other times throughout the day.  It should give you an earlier, and more accurate, reading of pregnancy.

You may not have been pregnant.  A faint positive is not a valid reading.  The tests don't indicate how pregnant you are they only indicate if they detect hCG or not.  It should be a clear result, not faint.  The second test 5 days later indicates that you likely weren't pregnant - hCG increases rapidly so it should have indicated positive if you were pregnant. 

It also works the other way.  If you are pregnant and for some reason lose the baby, the tests continue to indicate pregnancy until the hCG drops low enough.  It's not instantaneous by any means.

Retest again and this time use your FIRST morning urine.

Good luck.