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i am worried about my situation right now. I had sex nov 2 we used pull out method. But every after sex, I would immediately go to the bathroom, urinate and wash my vagina. Second week of November, in my calendar my fertile week will start. I have experienced cramping, back ache, sensitive boobs. I usually experience this during fertile week but this time, those lasted for 1 week. For third week of November I have not experienced any of those and then it came back November 20 until now November 29. My due date for my period is November 25, up until now i have not experience my period, i am 5 days delay. I am worried. Am i pregnant?


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Hi, no one can actually tell you for sure if your pregnant or not on here specially without any dates for you last 3 periods and whether you have a regular cycle every month. Working back from when you say your next period was due if you have a 28 day cycle your fertile period would of been from the 6th to the 12th being most fertile on the 11th what should of given you 4 days clear. 

When you say you wash you vagina do you just mean outside of it because if so that will have no effect on stopping pregnancy and the same goes for urinating after intercourse all that will do is but the chance of a uti.