Hello, i come here to discuss an issue i worry about. A couple of weeks ago-to a month ago, i discovered a lump under my jaw, right side, near ear. It is the size of a marbel. But that's not all... There is a smaller one attached to it. There are also veines on the jaw running up, but dissapear. They do not hurt at all, and i can move them freely without any pain. Now, i got braces months ago, i'm 13 years old, and because of the braces i'm not the best brusher, meaning- i have grown balls in my gums and have had gingivitis. I only got these lumps under jaw when I got the braces. You can only feel them when I tilt my head down. As to move ability, when I tilt my head down, you can move them to the point where they can go outside the jaw! I can get my thumb,point in, and kind of drag it out to where it's on the outside of my jaw. Please help as quick as possible. Please tell me what it is