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After a difficult wisdom tooth extraction I noticed I had a severe pain in my ear jaw neck temple and throat before the anesthetic wore off, I took pain relief as soon as i got home. To cut a long story short that was 12 days ago, since I got my tooth out iv been unable to open my mouth, u can't even fit my little finger in, iv been given dicflonac, codeine, tramadol and paracetamol for the pain by the hospital dentist and told to eat a liquid diet. The thing is, I'm no better in any way, the pain when the meds wear off is unbearable, i feel like iv knitting needles in my ear, the pain goes to my temples and i get a burning sensation in my mouth, it's sore to talk and i really can't get my mouth open how hard I try and how painful it is, PLEASE can someone tell me what has happened to me? I'm worried this is something serious now, I'm due to see the dentist again in two days but I'm afraid they will just send me packing with painkillers again.


Hello quiet,

It sounds like you have a TMJ problem.  TMJ is the temporal mandibular joint where your jaw attaches to your skull.  I have a TMJ problem.  My guess is that the joint is out of alignment and believe me that can be really painful.  In your case, the dentist may have knocked your jaw out of alignment and as far as I'm concerned he/she needs to help you with that.  You may actually have serious physical damage there.  All of your symptoms point to a TMJ problem.  I can make some suggestions based on my problem however I'm not sure they will work for you.  Try sleeping on your back with two pillows under your head. Keep you head straight and left your mouth relax and your teeth should not be clenched.  Relax everything.  The idea is to alignment the jaw and allow it to heal.  Sleeping on the side of your face will probably make it worse.