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I have a huge problem. Lately I have noticed there is something growing on my neck. To specify it, my wife said it is under the jaw. As I know, that could be lymph glands, and what I am afraid of, that could be cancer. I am so scared, because both of my parents died of cancer. I want to know if this lump under jaw definitely means I have cancer.


It’s not as simple as you think. There are many causes of swelling, lumps and bumps that appear, not just cancer. The most common and most frequently seen lumps or swellings are enlarged lymph nodes. As you guess, they could be caused by malignancy, but that is not the only one reason that could make that lump under jaw. Also, it could be caused by bacterial or viral infections, and other rare causes. Under the jaw took place submandibular salivary glands, which are enlarged because of infection or malignancy. As you see, cancer could be reason for enlarged glands, or lumps under jaw, but not only that. The best step you may do is to call for an appointment with your health care provider. My advice is to wait a little and visit him if there is prolonged situation or abnormal neck swelling, or if that lump under jaw stays here more then few days. Your doctor will obtain your history and will perform a physical examination. Don’t worry too much; maybe it’s just an infection so antibiotics will help you, and if its benign mass or cyst surgical removal will solve it.