In desperation searching the Internet and came across this discussion. I Can relate to all of you but I have more problems that are not diagnosed after many doctors and testing. Today was a very bad day for me. Had night sweats again last night, I am way past menopause, woke uo with a bad upset stomach again and bloating. Dry mouth and throat are terrible and the tissue of my mouth and tongue don't feel right. Doc put me on Pepcid but that doesn't help. Also have another dull headache. Recent sinus CT was clear. This has all been getting worse for 4 years now. I almost went to ER but how do you explain this and what are they going to do? I have not been able to do anything today but lay down and be miserable. Nothing I do helps. I truly feel I have some disease process going on or some infection or something. Anyone also deal with the mouth and throat and stomach issues? Yes, this is ruining my life and my marriage