Since 2-3 months ago I have been getting this feeling of having mucus in my throat. I constantly need to clear it or try and swallow. It does not affect my swallowing or breathing.

Since last week, ive noticed that sticky salive was coming of my lips, wheneve i touch them i end up with lots of sticky saliva on my fingers that seems to be white and gooey.

I know there can be possibly 2 explanations for this. Oral Trush or Sinus problems.

Oral Thrush: I know that white patches should form all over your mouth and this does not seem to be the case with me. I googled on the matter and found some very disturbing photos of people with tongues competely covered. does anyone know if Trush can come in different forms or levels of seriousness or how long it would take for a fully coated white tongue to develop?

Sinus Problems: I do feel like my sinus is sort of blocked. Whenever i try inhalation of vapours my sinus burns and this is leading me to believe that it can be more of a sinus problem rather than a fugal infection. However, ive tried inhaling vapours, using nasal spray and what not.. nothing is making it better!

Note that Ive also been suffering from Health Anxiety for the past 8 months... 8 months ago i got an HIV scare.. the test came back negative after 4 weeks of possible infection. The nurses and doctors said that my case was a very low risk one but I have spent the last 8 months thinking daily about the matter! although I dont get panic attacks, i constantly think about it... knowing that oral trush is a possible symptom of HIV you can udnerstand my panic right now. Im scared to even go to a doctor because of the possibilty of this.

Anyone has any advice (apart from the obvious things)